vending machines and water filtration service in ConverseBringing the Best Vending Machine Technology to Converse

L.C. Vending brings Converse the latest vending equipment and supporting software available. Our vending machines are efficient with an Energy Star rating and bright LED lights that save electricity. All Converse vending machines also include secure cashless payment systems, allowing purchases via credit card and mobile device. Our Converse vending machines are supported by an enhanced pre picking system in our warehouse. The system calculates what is needed to fill your snack vending machine or beverage vending machine without us ever stepping into your break room.

Office Coffee & Water Filtration Trusted by Converse

Get the best office coffee service in Converse thanks to L.C. Vending’s investment in coffee brewing equipment. We offer the latest single cup brewers to our Converse customers. These units brew dozens of different pods and cartridges all with one machine. There’s no mess and options for everyone at your Converse location. Upgrade your single cup to a bean to cup coffee brewer for an even more sophisticated experience. The bean to cup coffee brewer has a touchscreen where users choose their espresso or coffee. It then grinds whole coffee beans before brewing to the exact specification from the screen. It’s like having a barista in your Converse break room.

Even your workplace water can benefit from L.C. Vending’s dedication to technology. We bring modern water filtration excellence to Converse. Both the full size, floor standing water filtration units and the compact countertop units use the latest filtering technology. These water filtration systems are able to remove chemical flavors and dissolved particles that ruin water’s taste and that of office coffee and tea.

office coffee and micro markets in ConverseDelivering Converse Cutting Edge Micro-Markets

L.C. Vending has invested in the top micro-market manufacturer to bring the best micro-market experience to Converse. The fully enclosed kiosk uses an intuitive touchscreen to assist employees with purchasing. It also allows them to create an account and get loyalty points and special discounts. All city micro-markets accept credit/debit card or mobile pay as well. Plus, the kiosk tracks the hundreds of fresh food, snacks and beverages sold in the micro-market, creating restocking lists before we even come to your location. It’s one more way an innovative micro-market makes your Converse break room better.

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