Serving Natural, Local Ingredients in Your Break Room

We are proud to announce that we are the ONLY Vending and Micro-Market company in San Antonio to produce our fresh food in our very own in-house kitchen. This service sets us apart from other companies by having a hands-on approach to the fresh food we serve to our customers.

Supporting San
Antonio with our
In-House Kitchen

L.C. Vending Co. is a proud sponsor of the San Antonio Food Bank and donates any extra or left-over food we produce in our kitchen to this amazing organization.

San Antonio area In-House Kitchen and micro-markets

Don’t Wait Until the Annual Festival to Enjoy Your San Antonio Favorites

We make delicious local barbacoa right in our in-house kitchen, so your team can enjoy it all year round. You can even add Big Red Soda to your break room for the full Texas experience on your lunch break.

San Antonio area healthy food vending

Enhance your fresh food vending
service with our in-house kitchen

We take pride in our fresh food because we make it ourselves right here in San Antonio! Our menu features traditional staples, healthy alternatives, local favorites, and more. We rotate the menus and throw in new recipes periodically to keep employees engaged and to satisfy all of the different tastes in your company.

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Let LC Vending bring fresh foods to your break room! Contact us at 210.532.3151 or

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