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Tea Flavors To Try This Holiday In Your San Antonio Break Room

The holidays are already around the corner, so it’s time to spice up your office refreshment solutions with seasonal tea favorites! From peppermint and salted caramel to eggnog and cinnamon. Adding fun flavors to your office coffee service and tea service is an easy way to add a little extra holiday cheer to the workday. Adding these delicious options allows employees to customize their beverages without having to go to a café.

So give employees something warm and festive to sip on. Read on for the best fall flavors to add to your San Antonio tea service.

Caramel Tea Options

There’s nothing sweeter than a taste of delicious caramel, especially when it comes in a cup of hot tea. The best part? There are tons of caramel options to choose from! Salted caramel, vanilla caramel, and dark caramel are all tasty options employees will love. Therefore, it’s the perfect addition to include in your San Antonio office coffee service.

Go with Cinnamon

Is it even the holidays without cinnamon? From cinnamon apple and sweet cinnamon flavors to a cinnamon stick garnish for your cup of coffee or tea, it’s a tried and true option. Not to mention a healthy one! Cinnamon is full of antioxidants and can even help support heart health. Therefore, this is an option that tastes and feels good!

Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint is a classic winter flavor, and for good reason. Between candy canes and schnapps, the cool and minty taste is reminiscent of beloved holiday memories. Employees will love the seasonal reminder at work! Not only is it a delicious flavor, but mint tea offers lots of benefits. For instance, it can ease digestive upsets, which can certainly come in handy during the holidays. A cup of mint tea can also relieve tension headaches and migraines, making it the ultimate break room necessity.

Use Clean Water

The only thing that can make these tasty teas even better? Clean and healthy water! Consider our San Antonio water filtration service to get the most from your tea. It filters water and delivers it hot on demand, so your tea and all of its flavorful sips are nice and fresh.

Upgrade your San Antonio Refreshment Services with Delicious Tea!

The flavors above are just the beginning. There are tons of other flavors for the holidays, from gingerbread to eggnog. Contact LC Vending Co. for all the best seasonal options. Reach us at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!


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How to Promote Employee Appreciation in Your San Antonio Break Room

More workers are headed back to the office. However, it’s not all business as usual. Many companies now have hybrid models. As such, employee appreciation is important. This improves the in-person employee experience. It also shows your team you care. San Antonio break rooms can help.

Want to promote employee appreciation in your office? Consider these San Antonio break room benefits.

Relaxation Stations for Employee Appreciation

Employees come to the break room to relax. Therefore, it should be a comfy space. Tables and chairs give employees spots to eat. Even so, you can go a step further with comfortable furniture.

Firstly, add some comfy seats. Or, consider cozy sofas and bean bags. These give employees a place to kick back and unwind. They can grab a treat from the snack vending machine. Additionally, they can chat with coworkers.

Secondly, add some phone charging areas. Everyone has a smartphone. This helps keep all phones juiced.

Don’t forget the décor! Add some plants. Everyone loves greenery! Also, hang some relaxing artwork. For example, pictures of a peaceful beach are great.

Snacks | Office Coffee | San Antonio Healthy Break Rooms

Stock Their Favorite Goodies

Employees love snacks! Thus, keep your San Antonio break room fully stocked. For instance, gourmet coffee is sure to please! Our single-cup brewers make this easy. For instance, the Sego 12 bean-to-cup brewer allows you to make coffee right on your smartphone. Therefore, it reduces the spread of germs. You can also make tea or hot cocoa. This allows non-coffee drinkers to enjoy flavorful drinks!

Need help finding the best coffee solutions for your office? Call L C Vending today! We offer plenty of trendy coffee drinks, such as Ellis coffee. They are one of the oldest family-owned coffee roasters in the US. Furthermore, Ellis’ flavors are sure to please!

Additionally, provide healthy break room options. For example, try fresh fruits or nuts. These help employees feel fit. Better yet, it shows you care about their health.

Our in-house commissary offers a variety of custom food choices for your micro-market. For example, we offer 95% fat-free ham, turkey, and roast beef sandwiches. This allows employees to enjoy delicious meals on-site. As a result, they can save time by not having to drive to a nearby restaurant.

Promote Healthy Living

Speaking of healthy snacks, workplace wellness is important. It all starts in San Antonio micro-markets! Employees can purchase fresh food. Namely, they can enjoy salads and wraps. Furthermore, they can get gluten-free options.

Healthy foods keep your team on track. They can reach their health goals. Moreover, they’ll feel great. As a result, productivity can rise. So can employee satisfaction! It can also reduce sick days. This benefits your business!

We Help Promote Employee Appreciation in San Antonio Workplaces

To conclude, employee appreciation is important. Want to celebrate your staff? Comfy seating and healthy snacks will do the trick!

Contact LC Vending today. We create healthy break rooms! We also offer office coffee, vending, and micro-market services. Call us at (210) 532.3151 or email We’re excited to hear from you!

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How San Antonio Coffee Trends are Changing

There’s nothing like that first sip of hot coffee in the morning. Most people who wake up early each morning would agree. While many cafes and coffee shops closed during the pandemic, coffee consumption actually rose. Why? Because people had the opportunity to make their own cup of joe, experimenting with new coffee trends and flavors. Now that San Antonio employees are heading back to the office, it’s important to provide them with break room coffee products they’ll love. At LC Vending Co., we can help you do just that.

For starters, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest coffee trends. Being knowledgeable about the latest and greatest coffee products is a simple yet effective way to satisfy your team. If you’re ready to upgrade your San Antonio office coffee service, keep reading. We’re sharing the latest coffee trends you need to know about!

Single-Cup Coffee Brewers for Individual Service

Everyone has different preferences, so your office beverages should cater to those individual tastes. One way to do this is with a single-cup coffee brewer. Making a cup of coffee from a pod is a growing trend and for good reason. It offers variety and freshness in every cup, as employees can switch up the flavors and type of drink. Therefore, ensure your San Antonio office coffee has a single-cup brewer your employees will appreciate.

Reward San Antonio Employees With Specialty Drinks

It’s not just single-cup coffee makers that are more popular than ever. In addition, bean-to-cup and specialty coffee machines are on the rise. These nifty machines make lattes, cappuccinos, and even espressos. Generally, high-quality specialty drinks are hard to replicate at home. Therefore, having a bean-to-cup brewer or other sophisticated specialty coffee machine can create quality cafe drinks at work. Trust us, your employees are going to love it!
San Antonio Single Cup Coffee Trends | Iced Coffee | Cold Brew Coffee

Trends in Coffee Include Additives

A great cup of coffee isn’t just about the coffee itself. It’s also about what you put in it! From plant-based milk to tasty and sweet flavors, coffee additives cater to the diverse tastes of employees. It’s a small way to show appreciation for your team members. Plus, you can take it a step further. Make the most of your San Antonio office coffee service by adding more coffee product choices. You might consider creamers, milk options, flavors, and sweeteners. Let LC Vending Co. help you! We’ll work with you to create an amazing office coffee service for your specific needs and budget.

Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffees

Iced coffee and cold brew are essential to any modern office break room. More and more people are choosing to drink cold coffee, especially on those toasty summer days. And guess what? You can choose to include various iced coffee and ready-to-drink cold brew options in your San Antonio office vending machine or micro-market.

Upgrade Your San Antonio Office Coffee Service With the Latest Coffee Trends

Good coffee equals happy employees. So give your team what they need to start their work day on a high note.

Contact LC Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, or vending services. We look forward to working with you!

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Top Fall Coffee Trends to Create a Buzz in Your San Antonio Break Room

Break room coffee is a must-have in any San Antonio office. Fresh coffee is the perfect morning pick-me-up. That’s because it boosts your energy. Thus, regular office coffee is great on its own. However, sometimes you want to add something extra special. Fall coffee trends can do the trick.

Want to treat your team? Try LC Vending’s trendy coffee drinks! Our products give your morning coffee a health boost. They also add holiday flair.

Here are the top coffee trends to try this fall.

Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon gourmet coffee is always a favorite in San Antonio break rooms. It has a delicious aroma and woody taste. Therefore, employees love cinnamon-flavored coffee. They can also add this spice to their cappuccino. Better yet, it’s a great topper for pumpkin spice lattes. Add a dash for extra flavor!

Furthermore, cinnamon is good for your health. For instance, it can help fight cancer. It can also reduce inflammation. Healthy drinks are always amazing employee perks!

Buttered Fall Coffee

Another trendy fall flavor is buttered coffee. In fact, it’s becoming a popular drink in San Antonio offices. Buttered coffee is exactly what its name suggests. It includes brewed coffee and unsalted butter. The butter creates a frothy flavor. It’s also thought to boost coffee’s caffeine content.  This keeps your team energized!

San Antonio Fall Office Coffee | Single Cup Trends | Coffee Products

Cocoa Coffee

It’s no secret that people love chocolate! Add this savory sweet to your San Antonio office coffee service. Simply serve cocoa coffee! It’s the perfect fall flavor. That’s because it’s rich and creamy.

Additionally, cocoa powder is healthy. It’s full of antioxidants. Thus, it can help lower blood pressure. Cocoa also boosts brain health.

Agave Coffee

Lastly, agave is another fun fall coffee trend to try. Agave syrup is a natural sweetener. Moreover, it dissolves well. Accordingly, agave is a great addition to cold coffee drinks. It also tastes delicious in hot coffee.

Flavorful Fall Coffee for San Antonio Offices

Want to wow your staff? Try these fall coffees! LC Vending can help. We are your one-stop coffee shop. Our experts will help you pick the perfect fall flavors.

Additionally, consider a single-cup coffee service. Our single-cup brewers transform your break room into a café. Employees can enjoy coffee their way. Furthermore, these brewers are easy to use. They make fall coffee taste even better!

Curious to learn more about our break room benefits? Contact us today by calling (210) 532.3151. Or, email us at We’re excited to talk with you!

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How to Revitalize Your San Antonio Refreshment Services

When was the last time you revamped your company break room? Chances are it’s been a while since you switched things up. And now that most employees are heading back to the office, there’s no better time to upgrade your San Antonio refreshment services. A great break room is one of the best employee perks, as it supports corporate wellness and workplace culture. After all, who doesn’t want happy and healthy employees?

If you’re ready to enhance your company’s break room, keep reading below. We’re sharing how to revitalize your workplace with high-quality refreshment services.

Upgrade refreshment services with a micro-market

San Antonio Refreshment Solutions | Office Micro-Market Services | Vending Machines

San Antonio micro-market service is an excellent break room addition. For starters, micro-markets have a larger holding capacity than snack vending machines for a variety of products. And it’s more than just snacks! A micro-market also offers fresh food options in coolers, such as fresh fruit, large beverages, sandwiches, or hard-boiled eggs, just to name a few.

The best part? Employees can buy everything they want in one transaction, instead of multiple. With a micro-market, your employees no longer have to buy a drink from the cold beverage vending machine, a sandwich from the food vending machine, and a snack from the snack vending machine. They can gather everything they want and make one purchase at the self-checkout kiosk. It’s convenient and easy!

Explore single-cup coffee options

It’s not a great break room without a San Antonio coffee service! So why not explore the different coffee options? With a single-cup coffee machine and bean-to-cup brewers, employees can brew a fresh cup every time. With single-cup coffee brewers, each person gets to pick the coffee and customize it how they want. Some single-cup machines can even deliver specialty drinks, making every morning at work better. Opt for a coffee brewer that can provide lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate. A great cup of coffee will start the work day right.

Support your team with new refreshment services

So, are you ready to enhance your break room and upgrade your office refreshment services? Trust us, employees will love it! Support employee wellness and satisfaction with their favorite foods, snacks, and drinks. Contact LC Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, or vending services. We look forward to working with you!

San Antonio Micro-Market | Fresh Food | Wellness

Upgrade Your San Antonio Break Room with a Micro-Market and Fresh Food

Did you know that San Antonio vending machines are the top source of onsite office food? It’s true. Vending machines are great. However, a mini convenience store could be even better! That’s because it keeps your team well fed with fresh food.

Want a break room upgrade? A custom San Antonio micro-market could be your answer!

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Micro-Market?

Simply put, San Antonio micro-markets are tiny convenience stores. They perfectly fit into any office. For instance, you can install a micro-market in your break room. Or, put one in the cafeteria.

There are tons of micro-market benefits. For instance, your team can enjoy fresh food. Better yet, they can buy San Antonio on-site refreshments. But that’s just the start!

Personalized Design

San Antonio micro-markets fit into most offices. That’s because of their custom layout. Build a micro-market that suits your needs. Additionally, find one that fits your space. Thus, you can maximize space and satisfaction.

LC Vending can help. We’ll make your micro-market dreams a reality!

Custom Menus with Fresh Food

San Antonio Break Room | Workplace Snacks & Fresh Food | Employee Benefit

Micro-markets have custom menus. Therefore, employees can enjoy many different options. Want fresh food? A San Antonio micro-market has them! Prefer sweet snacks? You can get those too.

Product variety is the spice of life. As such, employee satisfaction can increase. This improves company culture.

Tailored Services

At LC Vending Co., our customers come first. That’s why we offer personalized break room solutions. This can keep you happy. It also impresses employees!

Our workplace refreshment solutions aren’t based on convenience. On the contrary, they cater to your needs. As a result, your break room will be fully stocked. Employees can always enjoy their favorite snacks!

Improves Company Culture

San Antonio micro-markets can create a positive company culture. They make a space for employees to relax. Additionally, coworkers can connect and collaborate. Thus, productivity levels can increase!

Furthermore, more employees might choose to stay on-site. That’s because they can buy fresh food. For example, they can enjoy fruits and veggies. Or, they can try fresh wraps. Therefore, employees can eat lunch together. This can further increase connection.

Lastly, micro-markets can promote workplace wellness. You can buy better-for-you options. This makes employees feel great. They’ll also have more energy. In turn, they can be more productive!

Offer Fresh Food with San Antonio Micro-Markets

Dreaming of a better break room? A San Antonio micro-market can help! Create a personalized design. Additionally, enjoy fresh foods and custom menus!

Curious to learn more? Contact LC Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151 or today. Our micro-markets will delight your staff!

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How San Antonio Break Room Services Can Improve Your Customer Service

What’s the key to positive customer service? Much of the time, it’s helpful and happy employees. After all, employees are the backbone of a great brand. They control the quality of the products, services, and customer interactions. Therefore, it’s important to provide them with a positive workplace experience. But where do you start? Well, one way is to boost company morale by upgrading your San Antonio break room services. From healthy snack options to a great office coffee service, keep reading below for everything you need to know!

Boost Customer Service With Coffee

There’s nothing office workers love more than a bold cup of coffee in the morning. It’s the energy boost they need to start the day! Therefore, a premium San Antonio office coffee service is the perfect way to motivate employees. It will send a positive message to your team, which encourages them to interact positively with customers. Upgrade your break room with a single cup coffee brewer that makes fresh coffee. This way, everyone at the office will be able to enjoy their favorite hot drink.

Not only that, but coffee brings co-workers together in the break room. That means they’ll have more opportunities to connect and collaborate. As a result, the welcoming, inclusive, and open office environment can enhance company morale. And that means better customer service.

Make Healthy Food Choices

San Antonio Customer Service | Single Cup Coffee | Vending Machines & Micro-Market

What you eat affects how you feel. Therefore, healthy employees equal happy employees! A micro-market is a great way to provide healthy options in the San Antonio workplace. It allows employees to review labels before buying, so they can make informed decisions. It also includes fresh food choices and healthy snacks.

Even in a vending machine, you can help staff make healthy decisions. For instance, we can mark healthy items in the break room vending machines. This makes for easy identification, so employees can easily choose nutritious snacks.

When employees are eating healthy, they’ll have more energy. That makes them more productive, happier, and better with customers.

Recognize and Inspire Your Employees

Employees want to feel valued, and they should be! Turn your San Antonio break room walls into a tool for recognizing their hard work. Put up a bulletin board to display work anniversaries, milestones, and promotions. Everyone uses the break room during the day, so it’s an easy way to raise the company morale.

You can even take it a step further. Try adding credits to their micro-market accounts or handing out vending machine coupons for celebrations or hitting goals. It’s a great way to motivate employees and get them excited to work. Both your employees and customers will appreciate it!

Upgrade Your Customer Service Today

Overall, great San Antonio break room service can lead to a healthier, happier workplace. Therefore, better customer service! Contact LC Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, water filtration, or vending services. We’ll also find a price and service that works best for your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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Amazing Benefits of Vending Machines in Your San Antonio Workplace

A vending machine can benefit your San Antonio workplace tremendously! Employees are super busy during the workday, so they may have barely enough time to eat. And, your team might work through their lunch break. As a result, employees can feel cranky and tired. This is where a well-stocked vending machine can help!

San Antonio vending machines provide easy access to healthy foods and drinks. Want to learn more? Here are five perks of having vending machines in your workplace.

Vending Machines Reduce Workplace Hunger

Firstly, San Antonio food vending machines can reduce workplace hunger. That’s because employees can scoop up breakroom snacks 24/7. Furthermore, these snacks are affordable. Employees can get delicious food for just a buck. What awesome employee perks!

Boosts Employee Satisfaction

When it comes to a busy workplace, convenience is key. For instance, employees want to have easy access to their favorite snacks. Moreover, hunger can cause irritability. San Antonio snack vending machines are the perfect solution. That’s because you can keep your crew well fed. Because of this, employees will feel happier. Everybody wins!

Wondering what snacks or vending beverages to offer? Call LC Vending today! We’re happy to offer our recommendations on workplace refreshments.

Improves Productivity

Feeling hungry doesn’t just damper your mood. It can also make you feel tired. As a result, team productivity levels can decrease. Furthermore, employees can lose time running to a convenience store. Traffic and checkout lines are time-consuming. Save them a trip with onsite San Antonio vending technology!

Vending machines save your staff time. They also help increase energy levels. Employees can get energy drinks from San Antonio beverage vending machines. They’ll also have quick access to healthy snacks. They’ll stay fueled all day long!

Office Perks | Vending Services | LC Vending

Fosters Connection

Onsite snacks don’t just keep your team productive. It also promotes collaboration and connection. Employees don’t have to leave the office to get food. Instead, they can buy snacks in the break room. This gives them more time to spend together. For this reason, they can develop stronger relationships.

Promotes Corporate Wellness

Help employees reach their wellness goals. Curious to learn how? Install San Antonio healthy vending machines in your break room. This gives employees access to healthy snacks. For example, they can get nuts or low-fat chips. These wholesome options will make them feel great. Additionally, it promotes workplace wellness.

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy with San Antonio Vending Machines

In conclusion, San Antonio vending machines are a major employee perk. Onsite snacks increase productivity. Better yet, they keep employees healthy!

Upgrade your San Antonio break room today! Call LC Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Small Touches With Big Impacts On Your San Antonio Office Coffee Service

When it comes to creating a great break room, a high-quality San Antonio office coffee service can go a long way. After all, a delicious cup of coffee is the ultimate start to the workday! With great coffee products, employees can get excited and energized for the day ahead. Therefore, an excellent coffee service is one of the employee perks that office workers will appreciate most.

So, how can you give employees the best San Antonio office coffee service possible? Read below to find out simple ways to make a big impact on your break room.

Make Office Coffee the Star

Coffee is the perfect kickstart to an employee’s workday. So make the coffee station the center of your break room. Not only does this provide easy access to their favorite morning drink. It also gives employees a place to relax and mingle with their peers in between tasks. Make your coffee brewing station better by adding coffee-related products, such as cups, stir sticks, and coffee sleeves. Do you want to take it a step further? Try including eco-friendly options, so your employees can feel good about their daily cup of brew.

San Antonio Coffee Products | Office Tea | Eco-Friendly

Bring in a Tea Bar

Not everyone drinks coffee, so it’s important to take care of those non-coffee drinkers too! What is the solution? Add a tea bar to your San Antonio office coffee service. There are lots of different types of tea, so you’re sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Inspire employees to try new varieties by rotating the tea flavors you offer in the break room. They’ll love the variety and change of pace!

Upgrade to Specialty Office Coffee Brewers

Upgrade your coffee service with new and improved specialty brewers! You can get a bean-to-cup brewer or a single-cup coffee brewer to enhance employees’ break room experience. We have coffee brewers that can make espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos right in the break room. As a result, everyone can enjoy their own cup of coffee each morning.

Micro-Market Items for Free

The only thing better than free coffee is free food! Provide pastries, granola bars, or even cereal as a part of your San Antonio micro-market service. Focus on healthy snacks, so employees have the fuel they need to stay alert throughout the busy workday. Between the coffee, tea, and snacks, employees will have everything they need to feel good, perform well, and stay productive at the office. It’s a win for both employees and the business as a whole!

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your break room today! Contact us for office refreshment options to fit your budget. Find us at LC Vending Co. or give us a call at (210) 532.3151.

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San Antonio Break Rooms Help with Employee Retention

The modern San Antonio workplace is a dynamic, team-oriented environment that increasingly relies on nontraditional hours and cultivating an environment that employees want to be a part of. In fact, having a great company culture is no longer just a perk — it’s a requirement for attracting amazing talent. Positive corporate culture is as important to today’s workers as salary and benefits. Keep reading to find out how break room perks can help with employee retention and onboarding new hires.

People Focused

The top candidates for critical positions on your team aren’t just looking for work. They’re looking for a job, a place to grow and thrive with a fantastic group of coworkers. The first impression a company makes on a potential new hire is extremely important. Don’t take your next interviewee on a tour of the fridge’s expired yogurt gallery. Instead, a full-service break room will instill trust in your company.

When applicants are considering a new job, it is critical that they understand that the managers care about their employees. A sleek, modern break room, complete with vending machines and coffee stations, is one of the simplest and most effective benefits an employer can provide.

Employee Retention | San Antonio Break Rooms | LC Vending
Wellness Works

Employees today place a premium on workplace wellness. Because most professionals spend so much time sitting at their desks, health and fitness are more important than ever. In fact, it’s not just a preference; it’s a requirement that many candidates seek when looking for a new job.

Free doughnuts are unlikely to impress potential candidates anymore. Employers who are on trend will provide their employees with healthy lunch and snack options. When it comes to creating a community that is focused on well-being rather than simply a place to grab a quick bite, self-serve micro-markets are quickly replacing the traditional break room model.

Promote Happiness

Workplace incentives create the impression of a collaborative atmosphere. This conveys a sense of success and growth, which is exactly what potential new hires are looking for when they take the often-terrifying step into a new position. It’s a well-known fact that happy people work better. Offering free snacks, beverages, and cafe-style lunch options increases employee retention. And a team that enjoys where they work will eventually attract like-minded talent. Utilize our San Antonio break room services to elevate employee happiness.

So instead of stale doughnuts, add a little something to your next round of interviews. Learn more about expanding your break room with LC Vending by contacting us today at 210-532-3151! We are your San Antonio break room experts!