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Why San Antonio Micro-Markets are the Perfect Office Perk Your Team Will Love

Trying to find a great perk for your team can be tough. The good news? L.C. Vending Co. has got you covered! We offer custom micro-markets. That means you can fill your San Antonio break room with snacks and drinks your employees will love. Here’s everything you need to know!

A Perk With Tons of Tasty Snacks

Get an upgrade from your San Antonio vending machine! Our San Antonio micro-markets have all sorts of snacks to choose from. Whether you’re into classic goodies or healthier options, there’s something tasty for everyone. Think chocolate, chips, spicy nut mixes, granola bars and more.

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Plus, a micro-market offers a variety of fresh food options for lunch. Inside glass coolers, the grab-and-go food is extra easy to browse and ingredient check. We stock everything from salads and sandwiches to dairy and protein-packed meat snacks! Your team will thank you for the new addition to your San Antonio break room service!

Endless Beverages to Choose From

Thirsty? Micro-markets have room for more than just the top soda flavors in cold beverage vending machines. Instead, there are tons of drink choices. Plus, we offer new options all the time. You can grab brand-name cold brew coffee, energy drinks, or flavored sparkling water. There’s something for every taste. And that’s a perk that employees can get behind!

Add This Perk to Your Coffee Service

Don’t worry about how our micro-markets fit with your coffee setup. We can make it happen for you! This break room style goes perfectly with traditional coffee machines. It can even be used with single-cup and bean-to-cup coffee service. That means you can enjoy your favorite brew alongside your snacks.

Make your office awesome with a San Antonio micro-market and give your team a perk to smile about at work. Contact L.C. Vending Co. today at (210) 532.3151 to learn more about how we can upgrade your break room. We’d love to work with you!

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4 Smart Ways to Retain Top Talent with a San Antonio Micro-Market

Your business needs great employees. However, it can be tough to attract top talent. It’s even harder to keep them. That’s why your company needs to get creative. But how? A San Antonio micro-market is one of the best ways to recruit employees. It also makes them stick around for longer. After all, everyone loves fresh food!

Want to learn more? Learn how to retain employees with San Antonio micro-markets.

1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) 

DE&I makes every employee feel welcome. As such, San Antonio businesses should focus on these programs. A micro-market benefits companies by offering food for all employees. For instance, carry organic items, like fresh fruits. Or provide kosher products.

L.C. Vending Co. carries a wide range of food and drinks. Thus, we’ll help you create an inclusive office. This boosts company morale. It can also improve retention!

2. A Micro-Market Supports Workplace Wellness

Employees want to feel their best. This starts with a healthy diet. But it can be challenging to eat right at work. Your team is super busy. They don’t have time to get nutritious meals or snacks.

Luckily, our San Antonio break room solutions can help. Stock healthy foods in your micro-market. There’s enough space for everything! For instance, keep salads or wraps in the coolers. Employees can also buy healthy snacks. Munch on nuts or popcorn. Don’t forget better-for-you beverages! Juice and water keep them hydrated.

San Antonio vending machines also support workplace wellness. Stock yours with healthy snacks.

Furthermore, healthy employees work harder. They’ll have more energy. This benefits your business!

San Antonio Recruitment | Fresh Food Micro-Market | Office Benefits

3. Workplace Relationships

We all want a BFF at work. Strong employee relationships increase satisfaction. They also improve performance. Employees will work better together!

How can you support workplace friendships? Get a micro-market! Employees don’t have to drive to the store. Thus, they have more time to eat lunch together. They can also meet folks from other areas of the business. This improves collaboration.

4. Improves Company Culture

A micro-market is part of a positive company culture. It’s a space where employees can relax. They can grab a bite to eat. Additionally, they can chat with coworkers. Therefore, employees can better connect.

Make your micro-market comfortable. Provide plenty of seats and tables. Add some plants. You can also use your micro-market for fun events. Host “lunch and learns.” Employees can learn something new as they eat. Or find ways to reward employees. For example, celebrate work anniversaries.

San Antonio subsidized micro-markets are also a great idea. Offer discounted food and drinks. This shows your staff you care!

A Micro-Market Retains Talented Employees

In conclusion, micro-markets can improve retention. Employees will feel like they belong. They can also make healthier choices. Lastly, coworkers can connect.

L.C. Vending Co. is here to help. We offer top-notch micro-market solutions. Call us today at (210) 532.3151 to learn more. We also offer vending and office coffee solutions. We’re excited to hear from you!

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Boost Company Spirit with a Subsidized San Antonio Micro-Market

Recruit and retain your San Antonio employees with a subsidized micro-market in your company break room. L.C. Vending Co. knows a thing or two about office fare. Since 1953 – that’s 70 years and counting – we’ve been serving the needs of hungry and thirsty San Antonio employees.

What is a Subsidized Micro-Market?

When you lower prices or pick up some of the costs for micro-market, you offer reduced food services to employees. Open all day, every day, and handy for your San Antonio employees. The micro-market is easy. It takes just about any payment type: Cash, credit card – even mobile wallet payments.

Employees pay for their food, snacks, and drinks at a self-serve kiosk. This makes things simple – and with your subsidized micro-market – at a lower cost, too.

Imagine! Hundreds of products like fresh sandwiches, salads, frozen items, snacks, drinks, even desserts, right at your employees’ fingertips. Various options any time hunger or thirst hits.

Open All Day

With a San Antonio micro-market or vending services, food and drink is always at the ready. With the micro-market, they’ll have more cost-effective options. You’ll be giving employees a raise they can sink their teeth into.

With vending services, your employees are in the driver’s seat. When they want food, drinks, snacks or water, they have 24/7 access because we take care of the stocking and service. Your employees have flexible options with the easy self-serve and pay system.

A subsidized micro-market is a great benefit. Long term, it can help reduce the price of bonuses or pay raises. How? Because food  – and its expense – is at hand, and now it costs less.

Think about offering reduced bonuses and pay increases, now offset by lower cost food, snacks and drinks. This perk can make up the difference in value by helping keep more of your employees’ pay in their pockets.

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Reward Them with a Subsidized Micro-Market

A recent study found that 60% of people surveyed said having food at the office would make them feel more “valued and appreciated.” Up your employee pride and joy with a San Antonio micro-market, beverage, vending or break room solution. Your San Antonio micro-market can be used as a reward, too. Job performance, goal setting, and meetings, as well as making company milestones and wins, can all be tied to your subsidized micro-market benefit.

Company Vending Services

From food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending to micro-market services, any of these options can be upgraded to a subsidized micro-market. Your company will stand out – and become a more enticing place to work – with discounted food, vending and beverage services, and a subsidized micro-market.

What’s more, your food vending services can be offered at the same discount to employees as a subsidized micro-market, if you’re not sure a micro-market is right for you.

About L.C. Vending Co.

We care about the community.

We partner with the San Antonio Food Bank to make sure any extra food produced does not go to waste. Veteran-owned and operated, we are the only San Antonio vending services firm with our own, in-house kitchen. That means you can count on freshness – and quality – among your break room benefits.

With decades of experience in the vending and refreshment business, our goal is to serve San Antonio businesses and their owners.

For more information visit us at, or email to Rather speak to someone live? Give us a call at (210) 532.3151.

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5 Ways A Micro-Market Can Build Collaboration in Your San Antonio Break Room

Micro-markets can boost your San Antonio employees’ collaboration. How? A micro-market is an open market layout with food, drinks, and snacks. That way refreshments are within easy reach of your employees. Plus, your San Antonio micro-market can be custom made for your business and break room needs. Foster employee morale, build company culture, and promote health and wellbeing with L.C. Vending Co. micro-market break room solutions.

Employee Collaboration Starts in Your San Antonio Break Room

Here are five ways a micro-market can retain staff and create a better company culture! Read on for the many benefits beyond food and drinks.

1: Create A Gathering Space

A gathering space with a micro-market break room boosts collaboration. Casual seating brings people together beyond their work stations. Fresh, healthy food made in our in-house kitchen paves the way for talking over for casual meals. You can add snacks or delicious coffee as well. Offering a well-stocked micro-market is a huge employee benefit. It’s one your San Antonio staff will be happy to use, again and again.

2: Healthy Foods Equals Better Health

When you offer our personalized menu planning, you’re telling employees you care. Fresh fruits, salads, sandwiches, and snacks drive up their health and wellbeing.  And healthy food and drink keeps your staff nourished, so they can do their jobs in top form. You choose the items and we’ll set it up. Keep employees healthy physically and mentally. Plus, we’ll monitor items moving quickly, so you’ll never run out of employee favorites.

San Antonio Micro-Market Food | Employee Benefits | Food Vending

3: A Micro-Market Provide Fresh and Locally Made Food

At L.C. Vending Co., we’re your one-stop source. We stock your micro-market with only fresh ingredients, meals, and snacks. That means your food and snacks are prepared, packed and brought directly to your micro-market by us. If you’re not sure about starting a micro-market yet, no worries. We offer food vending with our locally crafted food too. Think of our vending services as a way to taste-test our fresh food and services.

4: Boost Your San Antonio Company Culture

Happy employees are well-fed employees. And happiness is the right kind of contagious! With micro-market services and refreshments onsite, you’re offering staff a way to eat well without losing break time. They don’t need to travel for lunch, snacks, or beverages. By offering your San Antonio employees a place to gather, you’re building friendship and good cheer. When employees get to know and understand one another, they’ll function better in groups and as a team. Everyone benefits when employees work well together.

5: A Micro-Market Helps Retain Employees You Already Love

What is one of the top reasons employees stay with their current companies? A strong sense of belonging and community, according to a report by Gusto. Consider offering a micro-market food and beverage benefit to retain employees. Keep employees you’ve trained, value, and who bring strong skills to the table. It is well worth the cost of adding fresh food through a San Antonio micro-market.

Call L.C. Vending Today for More About Our Micro-Market Service!

If you want to retain employees you can’t afford to lose and recruit quality employees, call us! For more information about our break room services, ranging from micro-markets to traditional food and beverage vending, call us at (210) 532.3151 or email us at We look forward to your call!

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5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a San Antonio Hybrid Micro-Market

One-size-fits-all break rooms are a thing of the past. Now, modern offices can have it all! That’s because a San Antonio hybrid micro-market is the best of both worlds. You can treat your team to free goodies. Plus, they can buy fresh foods 24/7. Sounds pretty great, right?

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why hybrid micro-markets are the perfect solution.

1. 24/7 Access to Quality Foods

Lunch breaks shouldn’t be rushed. Nobody likes being stuck in traffic or long checkout lines. Therefore, give your team easy access to quality foods on-site. They can skip the drive to the store. A hybrid micro-market offers plenty of San Antonio snack vending options. For instance, employees can grab nuts or chips. These healthy break room options kick hunger to the curb!

Furthermore, a San Antonio office coffee service lets employees enjoy gourmet coffee all day long. At L.C. Vending, we carry a variety of delicious blends. Try Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee. These are wonderful complimentary treats!

2. A Hybrid Micro-Market Offers Fresh Options

Want to promote workplace wellness? If so, offer fresh foods! San Antonio micro-markets make this easy. You can stock a variety of fresh meals in the coolers. For example, offer salads, fruits, and wraps. This makes it easy for employees to practice healthy eating habits. As a result, they’ll feel their best!

San Antonio Healthy Micro-Market Break Rooms | Snack Vending | Hybrid Break Room Options

L.C. Vending’s in-house kitchen means that fresh food is always available! Contact us today to learn more about our fresh entrees.

3. Customizable Designs

L.C. Vending’s micro-markets are created with you in mind. Our customizable designs cater to all San Antonio break rooms. Thus, we’ll help maximize your space. Have a smaller office? We’ll help you find the best design for your needs.

4. Personalized Menus

Wow your crew with a personalized menu. Healthy break rooms offer far more than candy and cookies. They should also have nutritious options. L.C. Vending offers a wide variety of products. Therefore, you can offer more choices! Want tasty teas? How about fresh sandwiches? We carry both of those and more!

More options keep your staff happy. They can explore exciting new flavors each day!

5. Stellar Service

Lastly, L.C. Vending will keep your hybrid micro-market full. That’s because our service is based on need, not convenience. We’ll adjust your service frequency according to sales volume. This way, your break room stays fully stocked.

Upgrade Your Office with a San Antonio Hybrid Micro-Market

Want to offer fresh food in your break room? Does a personalized menu sound good to you? If so, add a hybrid micro-market to your office!

L.C. Vending is here to help. We offer beverage vending, office coffee, and micro-market solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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Summer is Coming – Make Sure Your San Antonio Break Room is Ready!

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to make sure your break room is ready! Not sure where to begin? We can help! For starters, it’s essential to keep your team cool and hydrated throughout the day. It’s true, a comfy staff is a happy one! When your employees aren’t concerned about comfort, they can spend more time focusing on work. As a result, your company’s productivity will increase. Score!

Now, how can you get your San Antonio break room ready for warmer weather? As industry experts, we can assist you! Here are a few ways to gear up for summer in the office!

Hydrating Products are Essential for Summer

When your office gets hot, make sure your employees are staying hydrated. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  1. Granola and Greek yogurt are beneficial to have in your San Antonio micro-market. Team members can eat something sweet and savory while feeling more focused at the same time!
  2. Stock your San Antonio food vending machines with refreshing salads, wraps, and subs. Everyone can stay cool while enjoying their favorite meal!
  3. Offer high-protein products in your San Antonio snack vending machine. When properly fueled, your staff will feel better and more productive!
  4. Take your San Antonio beverage vending service to the next level by keeping electrolyte filled products in stock. For instance, flavored water and sports drinks are great options!

Break Room Summer Solutions San Antonio | Office Morale | Promote Productivity

Keep ‘Em Cool with a Water Filtration Service

To easily upgrade your break room, consider adding a San Antonio water filtration service! Fresh water will keep your employees focused and alert. Furthermore, drinking water has tons of health benefits! For instance, drinking water can boost brain function and energy levels. As a result, your team will be more productive and happier throughout the day. Best of all, this will help them accomplish their goals!

Get Fruity This Summer Season

Fresh fruit is always a sweet summer treat. So, offer fresh fruit or juice in your San Antonio break room. Some great examples of hydrating fruits to offer are apples, watermelon, and oranges. This makes a wonderful employee perk. Plus, showing you care about your team’s wellness will ultimately boost office morale!

Trust Us to get Your San Antonio Break Room Ready for Summer

So, keep cool all summer long with better break room services! When you partner with us, we’ll craft a customized service solution specific to your needs. To learn more, visit LC Vending or call (210) 532-3151 today!

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How LightSpeed Enhances your San Antonio Break Room Experience

How does LightSpeed technology help us provide the best break room experience in San Antonio? Well, it all starts at the warehouse. There, we use it in a few different ways. First, we know exactly what items your vending machines need before leaving the warehouse. And second, it gives us insight on what products you like to have available. Therefore, your team can find their favorite snack and drink combo all day long!

So, how else can LightSpeed improve your San Antonio refreshment services? Keep reading to find out! Below we’re breaking down 2 ways it can increase your overall break time experience!

1. LightSpeed = Never Going Without your Favorite Products

Before servicing your San Antonio micro-market, we pack everything it needs to be fully restocked. How do we do this? With LightSpeed, of course! Since your inventory is remotely monitored, we know exactly what to bring. Therefore, your market will be refilled completely after each visit. Sound too good to be true? When you partner with us, it’s not!

Additionally, we can track sales to make sure the top selling items never run out. And in turn, swap out unpopular products with something new! Trust us, we know how important product selection is. That’s why having LightSpeed on our side is a major perk. With it, we can provide an even better level of service to every customer!

Snack Vending San Antonio | Refreshment Services | LightSpeed Technology | Sustainability

2. LightSpeed is more Eco-Friendly

Without having to visit your break room before servicing it, we have cut back on our C02 emissions. No, we’re not kidding! With LightSpeed, we can make less trips back and forth to the warehouse. Plus, we pride ourselves in our recycling efforts and being able to reduce our paper usage is a huge help! So, if you want to build a greener San Antonio vending service, you’ve come to the right provider! To learn more about our energy efficient vending machines, reach out today!

Get the Best Refreshment Services San Antonio has to Offer

Since 1953, we have provided the greater San Antonio area with premium break room solutions. With years of experience, our team of industry experts, and modern refreshment technology on our side – we can handle any need you might have. So, you can confidently explore our variety of services and know you’ll be in good hands. After every service, our equipment is always left stocked, clean and in working condition. From healthy vending machines to our office coffee services, we’ll equip your space with the best!

Are you ready to give your San Antonio break room a promotion? We thought so! To get started visit us at L.C. Vending Co. or call 210-532-3151 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Fresh Food will Entice Employees Back to your San Antonio Break Room

We know that a quality San Antonio break room service includes fresh food selections. However, some employees aren’t used to a food service that they can rely on. Therefore, they might go out to lunch instead of dining in the break room. What if we told you that you can change this by partnering with us? Yep, that’s right! We offer a premium fresh food program that your employee will love. Plus, we also offer healthy snacks and drinks that are simply irresistible!

Not convinced yet? Here are four reasons why our San Antonio healthy vending service will bring your staff back to the break room.

Fresh Food Can Boost Employee Interaction and Satisfaction

Employees love their lunch breaks. However, some might go to a restaurant instead of the break room. So, stock your San Antonio micro-market with fresh foods so your team can enjoy a break without having to leave the office! Instead of going off campus, they can head to the break room. This saves them time and money. As a result, it’ll boost employee satisfaction. Furthermore, it will promote interaction by giving them time to connect. And in turn, your office will have an amazing workplace culture!

Are you wondering what fresh foods are best for your San Antonio break room? We can help! We’ll guide you in finding the perfect menu for your staff!

A Rotating Food Menu Keeps Things Interesting

San Antonio Corporate Wellness | Fresh Food | Workplace Culture | Promote Productivity

Eating the same sandwich for lunch every day can get old. Spice things up by offering a rotating menu in your San Antonio food vending machines! For example, you can offer fresh salads, subs, wraps, and more! This will delight your crew. Plus, they’ll love visiting the break room to see what’s new on the menu.

Fresh Food Promotes Better Health 

Throughout the year, many employees can experience sniffles and sneezes. But did you know that eating healthy food can boost their immunity? That’s right! By offering nutrition-dense food in the your San Antonio vending machines, you can keep your team healthy. By stocking better-for-you food options, your staff will feel their best. What’s more, healthy employees use fewer sick days. This will promote productivity and employee satisfaction. What more could you ask for?

A Healthy Vending Service Shows You Care

Want to instantly increase office morale? If so, stock fresh food selections in your refreshment service! This shows that you care about your team’s well-being. Consequently, your employees will feel more connected to the company. They’ll be more satisfied, and it’ll strengthen your San Antonio corporate wellness program at the same time. Sounds like a win-win!

Boost Employee Health and Happiness with Fresh Foods

By offering fresh food options in your San Antonio refreshment services, you’ll encourage your team to live better while connecting more. As we mentioned before, there are several benefits. To summarize, fresh foods boost health, happiness, and productivity. Are you ready to make the change? If so, visit L.C. Vending Co. or call (210) 532.3151. We look forward to helping you keep your team fit and on track!

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What A San Antonio Micro-Market Can Bring To Your Break Room

A micro-market is one of the latest advancements in the vending service industry. How is it different than vending machines, you might ask? For starters, it has a completely custom design to fit your specific space. Additionally, it allows your team to buy everything they need in one purchase. How convenient! All in all, it is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your San Antonio refreshment services!

Not convinced just yet? No worries! Below we’re breaking down what a San Antonio micro-market service can bring to your break room!

A Micro-Market Will Modernize Your Space

Unlike our traditional San Antonio vending machines, our markets have an open layout. In fact, they are often referred to as “mini convenience stores.” When visiting the break room, you’ll feel like you’ve left the building completely. No, we’re not kidding! Your micro-market will have glass-front coolers, open shelving, sleek displays, and a self-checkout kiosk.

Offer More Variety With A Micro-Market Service

Healthy Vending San Antonio | Micro-Market | Refreshment Services

Are you ready to have more products to choose from on your lunch break? If yes, you’re in luck! Not only do our open markets look good, but they can also hold more products. With this premium break room solution, you’ll give your team an array of popular snacks, drinks, and food items to enjoy.

Bonus:  We are the only service provider in San Antonio with an in-house kitchen. Therefore, we can guarantee your market is always stocked with the freshest food available. 

Self-Checkout Kiosk’s Save Time

One feature that is often over looked when considering a micro-market service, is the ability to make one purchase. When your employee visits their office vending machines, they’ll have to make several transactions before being able to enjoy their break. However, with your market’s self-serve kiosk, your team can browse all items before making one easy purchase. Therefore, your staff can make the most of their time!

Bonus: Does your business have several buildings? Instead of a cafeteria, you can add several markets throughout your campus. By doing so, you’ll give everyone more time to recharge!

Market’s Feature Advanced Technology For All Day Shopping

Our micro-markets are remotely monitored and secure. Because of this, they are able to operate 24/7. This is a perfect solution for San Antonio companies with multiple shifts. Therefore, everyone can get a delicious treat, no matter what time it is. What’s more, your third shift workers will love you for this added convenience!

Transform Your San Antonio Refreshment Service With Us!

Are you ready to make break time more convenient and exciting? If so, we are ready to help! Visit us at L.C. Vending C0. or call (210) 532.3151 to get started. We will walk you through the many ways we can upgrade your experience together. One of our industry experts is standing by!

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Sweet and Salty Snack Options for Your San Antonio Break Room

We all have specific snack cravings. Sometimes we want something sweet, and other times we want something salty. Occasionally, we want both at the same time! Therefore, it’s a good idea to include a variety of sweet and salty snacks in your San Antonio break room. You can simply add a new items in your snack vending machine or even fill your San Antonio office pantry with tons of options. No matter what kind of refreshments you choose, employees will appreciate diverse options of snacks and drinks. 

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your San Antonio vending machine service for the upcoming year, sweet and salty snacks are a surefire way to satisfy everyone at the office. It will cure both their sweet tooth and salty cravings all while keeping them full throughout the day! Don’t know where to start? Read below for sweet and salty snacks to add to your San Antonio break room ASAP. 

A Perfectly Blended Snack – Trail Mix

Trail mix is the ultimate sweet and salty snack option because it’s healthy, hearty, and downright delicious! It offers a perfect blend of both flavors. Not to mention, trail mix is packed with protein and other nutrients to keep workers feeling their best. With both nuts and fruit, trail mix is an excellent source of protein, antioxidants, vitamin E, and amino acids. In addition, it’s a convenient snack that’s easy to grab on the go or eat at your desk. You really can’t go wrong with adding trail mix to your San Antonio micro-market! 

A Convenient and Delicious Snack – Granola Bars

San Antonio Vending Machines | Promote Productivity | Break Room Snack

Granola bars are filling, delicious, and easy to eat anywhere. People can take it to go, save half of it for later, or take it back to their desk to eat while they work. Additionally, granola bars are great because they come in many different sweet and salty flavors. For instance, workers might be able to choose from ‘peanut butter and chocolate’ or ‘mixed nuts and dried fruit.’ Therefore, putting these options in your San Antonio snack vending machines provide a nice variety for employees to enjoy. 

A Light and Satisfying Snack – Kettle Corn

Who doesn’t love kettle corn? It’s a wonderful light and tasty combo to add to your San Antonio healthy vending service! It’s crunchy, salty, and sweet all at once, making it the perfect midday pick-me-up at work. Your employees will love you for adding the tasty and satisfying snack to your break room line up. 

Something to Look Forward to Snacking on – Salted Caramel Candy

Give employees a sweet treat that pairs well with your San Antonio traditional office coffee service. Salted caramel candy is the perfect snack to go with an afternoon cup of joe. Employees can munch of it or add it into the liquid for a sweet touch of flavor. However they consume it, salted caramel candy is the perfect sweet and salty snack. 


Looking for more ways to improve your San Antonio break room services and company culture? We can help! Contact us at L.C. Vending Co. or call (210) 532.3151 to get started today!