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Why a Healthy San Antonio Break Room Matters

One of the top New Year’s resolutions employees have is improving their health. Therefore, it’s important to promote workplace wellness. However, building a healthy San Antonio break room can be challenging. Luckily, L.C. Vending is here to help! Our customizable solutions will keep your team healthy.

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Healthy Snack Vending

During a hectic day, it can be hard to eat healthily. Employees don’t have time to run out to grab a salad. Healthy break room options can help! For instance, invest in healthy San Antonio snack vending machines. This way, employees have 24/7 access to healthy snacks. For example, they can munch on popcorn. Or, they can try a protein bar. We carry a wide variety of healthy choices. To demonstrate, we have CLIF Bars and Nature Valley.

Additionally, beverage vending machines keep employees hydrated. They can get better-for-you products. Offer vitamin water or juice.

San Antonio healthy vending machines keep employees feeling fit. This benefits your business! Healthy employees are happy employees. This means you can improve staff satisfaction. Moreover, this increases retention.

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Gourmet Office Coffee Services

A San Antonio office coffee service boosts energy levels. Thus, tired employees will be more productive. Furthermore, coffee has many health benefits. For starters, it helps you burn fat. It may also lower your risk of diabetes.

L.C. Vending is proud to offer many office coffee products. Try a bean-to-cup brewer. Employees can customize their coffee. These brewers also make lattes and cappuccinos. Better yet, we carry blends from both national and local brands. For instance, we have Starbucks and Ellis Coffee products. Additionally, our specialty drinks accommodate any dietary needs.

Micro-Markets for a San Antonio Break Room

San Antonio micro-markets keep employees on track. That’s because they can buy healthy foods on-site. For example, they can have a salad or wrap for lunch. The coolers keep foods fresh. Moreover, the large open concept holds more products. Thus, there are endless options! Offer veggies, fruits, or soups. L.C. Vending can personalize your menu to your exact needs.

We’ll Help You Create a Healthy San Antonio Break Room

We help San Antonio businesses build healthy break rooms. That’s because we offer customized solutions. Want a healthy vending machine? We have that! Need gourmet coffee? We offer that too!

Help your employees achieve their New Year goals. To get started, contact L.C. Vending today. We offer office coffee, micro-market, and vending services. Call us at (210) 532.3151 or email to learn more.

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Tea Flavors To Try This Holiday In Your San Antonio Break Room

The holidays are already around the corner, so it’s time to spice up your office refreshment solutions with seasonal tea favorites! From peppermint and salted caramel to eggnog and cinnamon. Adding fun flavors to your office coffee service and tea service is an easy way to add a little extra holiday cheer to the workday. Adding these delicious options allows employees to customize their beverages without having to go to a café.

So give employees something warm and festive to sip on. Read on for the best fall flavors to add to your San Antonio tea service.

Caramel Tea Options

There’s nothing sweeter than a taste of delicious caramel, especially when it comes in a cup of hot tea. The best part? There are tons of caramel options to choose from! Salted caramel, vanilla caramel, and dark caramel are all tasty options employees will love. Therefore, it’s the perfect addition to include in your San Antonio office coffee service.

Go with Cinnamon

Is it even the holidays without cinnamon? From cinnamon apple and sweet cinnamon flavors to a cinnamon stick garnish for your cup of coffee or tea, it’s a tried and true option. Not to mention a healthy one! Cinnamon is full of antioxidants and can even help support heart health. Therefore, this is an option that tastes and feels good!

Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint is a classic winter flavor, and for good reason. Between candy canes and schnapps, the cool and minty taste is reminiscent of beloved holiday memories. Employees will love the seasonal reminder at work! Not only is it a delicious flavor, but mint tea offers lots of benefits. For instance, it can ease digestive upsets, which can certainly come in handy during the holidays. A cup of mint tea can also relieve tension headaches and migraines, making it the ultimate break room necessity.

Use Clean Water

The only thing that can make these tasty teas even better? Clean and healthy water! Consider our San Antonio water filtration service to get the most from your tea. It filters water and delivers it hot on demand, so your tea and all of its flavorful sips are nice and fresh.

Upgrade your San Antonio Refreshment Services with Delicious Tea!

The flavors above are just the beginning. There are tons of other flavors for the holidays, from gingerbread to eggnog. Contact LC Vending Co. for all the best seasonal options. Reach us at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!