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3 Reasons to Add a Sego 12 Brewer to Your San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley Office Coffee Service

Looking to upgrade your San Antonio office coffee service? Get a Sego 12 coffee brewer! This bean-to-cup brewer is sure to please. Why? For starters, it makes café-quality coffee. Employees can also make coffee their way. Thus, everyone will enjoy their favorite drinks. Thankfully, L.C. Vending carries this state-of-the-art brewer. But that’s not all! We also have the best office coffee service in San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley.

Want to learn more? Here are three reasons to add a Sego 12 office coffee machine to your break room.

1. More Drink Options

The Sego 12 is a break room favorite. That’s because it offers plenty of options. In fact, this Helotes bean-to-cup coffee machine makes 30 different drinks! For instance, the Sego 12 can make premium coffee. It also makes espresso and specialty drinks. Furthermore, it’s fully customizable. Choose your cup size. Then, select your grind, coffee-to-water ratio, and more. You can also add instant ingredients. Pick from cocoa, powdered milk, and more.

San Antonio Office Break Room | Helotes Beverage Services | Leon Valley Sego 12 Coffee Brewer

Celebrate the holidays with seasonal flavors. Try peppermint, pumpkin, or eggnog creamer. This spreads good cheer! Ask us about our San Antonio coffee products.

We also offer Ellis products. This company is one of the oldest family-owned roasters in the country. Plus, Ellis Coffee Company makes premium coffee. Give your team only the best!

2. Touchless Ordering

Reduce germs with touchless technology. With the Sego 12, employees can make coffee from their phones. This improves office health and hygiene. Your office will stay clean and germ-free. Thus, this single-cup coffee maker is great for busy break rooms.

Don’t want to order from your phone? No problem! Use the user-friendly touchscreen. The Sego 12 makes ordering coffee easy. Therefore, Leon Valley employees don’t have to wait. This improves productivity.

3. Sleek and Compact Design

Lastly, the Sego 12 is easy on the eyes. This makes your break room look better. The Sego 12 has a small profile and footprint. Therefore, the single-cup coffee maker fits into any space. Add it to your break room. Or, keep one in the waiting area. Clients can treat themselves to complimentary coffee.

Want to reduce your energy bills? Get a Sego 12! It has an energy-saving mode. Save money while protecting the planet. This powerful brewer is packed with technology. It’s also easy to clean and maintain!

San Antonio Office Break Room | Helotes Beverage Services | Leon Valley Sego 12 Coffee Brewer

Pair Your Office Coffee Service with a Micro-Market or Vending Service in San Antonio

Ready to take employee satisfaction to the next level? Ask us about our San Antonio micro-markets or vending machines. They pair perfectly with office coffee services. Why? Employees can buy fresh foods. They can also enjoy healthy snacks. Plus, they won’t have to run to the store. Everything they want to eat is already on-site!

Level Up Your Office Coffee Service with L.C. Vending

In conclusion, the Sego 12 coffee machine will improve your office coffee service. Employees will have endless options. This brewer also reduces germs. No more colds and coughs! L.C. Vending is your go-to source for a coffee service near me!

To learn more, contact L.C. Vending today at (210) 532.3151 or Ask us about our San Antonio vending, office coffee, and micro-market solutions. Talk soon!

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Seasonal Flavors for Your San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley Office Coffee: Embrace the Festive Spirit

The chill in the air, the hint of holidays around the corner – it’s that time of the year to infuse your San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley office break room with the warmth of seasonal flavors. It can be a great way to add some fun to the office. So, let’s dive into how you can spruce up your office coffee service with tasty flavors that everyone will love.

Flavored Coffees

As the seasons change, why not let your San Antonio office coffee do the same? Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to a delicious world of flavored coffees. Whether it’s rich hazelnut or the comfort of pumpkin spice, these flavors can add a touch of fun to your team’s daily coffee routine.

But why stop at just one flavor? Elevate your coffee game with a single-cup brewer. This allows your team to savor an array of choices using just one coffee machine. The coffee comes in classic blends and yummy seasonal twists. It’s the perfect way to cater to different tastes.

Creamer Flavors

The path doesn’t end at the coffee itself. Enhance your office coffee service by having a variety of creamers. Think beyond regular creamer and invite tasty options with things like pumpkin spice, vanilla, and hazelnut creamers. These offer a world of inviting flavors, right in your break room.

San Antonio Vending Service | Helotes Single-Cup Coffee Flavors | Leon Valley Wellness

For those who want healthy choices, a dairy-free creamer alternative is a great option. Not only does it work for different dietary needs, but it also supports the well-being of your employees. And speaking of healthy choices, don’t forget that our Helotes vending machines can be healthy too. They can have a range of dairy-free and plant-based drinks and snacks, too!

A Variety of Teas

While coffee takes the spotlight, don’t forget about the magic of tea. A hot cup of tea can be delightful on cold days, offering both warmth and a gentle boost. Apple spice, cinnamon, and cranberry teas capture the essence of the season, making each sip a journey through fall’s splendid flavors.

In addition, you can support Leon Valley employee well-being with immune-boosting tea options. Herbal blends featuring turmeric or vitamin C can provide that extra layer of care, especially during flu seasons.

By infusing your office coffee service with a blend of seasonal flavors, you’re not just offering drinks — you’re creating a sense of togetherness, providing diverse tastes, and supporting your team’s health. So go ahead, let the flavors of the season transform your workplace.

Contact us at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, vending, water filtration, or refreshment services. We look forward to working with you!