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How to Promote Employee Appreciation in Your San Antonio Break Room

More workers are headed back to the office. However, it’s not all business as usual. Many companies now have hybrid models. As such, employee appreciation is important. This improves the in-person employee experience. It also shows your team you care. San Antonio break rooms can help.

Want to promote employee appreciation in your office? Consider these San Antonio break room benefits.

Relaxation Stations for Employee Appreciation

Employees come to the break room to relax. Therefore, it should be a comfy space. Tables and chairs give employees spots to eat. Even so, you can go a step further with comfortable furniture.

Firstly, add some comfy seats. Or, consider cozy sofas and bean bags. These give employees a place to kick back and unwind. They can grab a treat from the snack vending machine. Additionally, they can chat with coworkers.

Secondly, add some phone charging areas. Everyone has a smartphone. This helps keep all phones juiced.

Don’t forget the décor! Add some plants. Everyone loves greenery! Also, hang some relaxing artwork. For example, pictures of a peaceful beach are great.

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Stock Their Favorite Goodies

Employees love snacks! Thus, keep your San Antonio break room fully stocked. For instance, gourmet coffee is sure to please! Our single-cup brewers make this easy. For instance, the Sego 12 bean-to-cup brewer allows you to make coffee right on your smartphone. Therefore, it reduces the spread of germs. You can also make tea or hot cocoa. This allows non-coffee drinkers to enjoy flavorful drinks!

Need help finding the best coffee solutions for your office? Call L C Vending today! We offer plenty of trendy coffee drinks, such as Ellis coffee. They are one of the oldest family-owned coffee roasters in the US. Furthermore, Ellis’ flavors are sure to please!

Additionally, provide healthy break room options. For example, try fresh fruits or nuts. These help employees feel fit. Better yet, it shows you care about their health.

Our in-house kitchen offers a variety of custom food choices for your micro-market. For example, we offer 95% fat-free ham, turkey, and roast beef sandwiches. This allows employees to enjoy delicious meals on-site. As a result, they can save time by not having to drive to a nearby restaurant.

Promote Healthy Living

Speaking of healthy snacks, workplace wellness is important. It all starts in San Antonio micro-markets! Employees can purchase fresh food. Namely, they can enjoy salads and wraps. Furthermore, they can get gluten-free options.

Healthy foods keep your team on track. They can reach their health goals. Moreover, they’ll feel great. As a result, productivity can rise. So can employee satisfaction! It can also reduce sick days. This benefits your business!

We Help Promote Employee Appreciation in San Antonio Workplaces

To conclude, employee appreciation is important. Want to celebrate your staff? Comfy seating and healthy snacks will do the trick!

Contact LC Vending today. We create healthy break rooms! We also offer office coffee, vending, and micro-market services. Call us at (210) 532.3151 or email We’re excited to hear from you!

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How San Antonio Coffee Trends are Changing

There’s nothing like that first sip of hot coffee in the morning. Most people who wake up early each morning would agree. While many cafes and coffee shops closed during the pandemic, coffee consumption actually rose. Why? Because people had the opportunity to make their own cup of joe, experimenting with new coffee trends and flavors. Now that San Antonio employees are heading back to the office, it’s important to provide them with break room coffee products they’ll love. At LC Vending Co., we can help you do just that.

For starters, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest coffee trends. Being knowledgeable about the latest and greatest coffee products is a simple yet effective way to satisfy your team. If you’re ready to upgrade your San Antonio office coffee service, keep reading. We’re sharing the latest coffee trends you need to know about!

Single-Cup Coffee Brewers for Individual Service

Everyone has different preferences, so your office beverages should cater to those individual tastes. One way to do this is with a single-cup coffee brewer. Making a cup of coffee from a pod is a growing trend and for good reason. It offers variety and freshness in every cup, as employees can switch up the flavors and type of drink. Therefore, ensure your San Antonio office coffee has a single-cup brewer your employees will appreciate.

Reward San Antonio Employees With Specialty Drinks

It’s not just single-cup coffee makers that are more popular than ever. In addition, bean-to-cup and specialty coffee machines are on the rise. These nifty machines make lattes, cappuccinos, and even espressos. Generally, high-quality specialty drinks are hard to replicate at home. Therefore, having a bean-to-cup brewer or other sophisticated specialty coffee machine can create quality cafe drinks at work. Trust us, your employees are going to love it!
San Antonio Single Cup Coffee Trends | Iced Coffee | Cold Brew Coffee

Trends in Coffee Include Additives

A great cup of coffee isn’t just about the coffee itself. It’s also about what you put in it! From plant-based milk to tasty and sweet flavors, coffee additives cater to the diverse tastes of employees. It’s a small way to show appreciation for your team members. Plus, you can take it a step further. Make the most of your San Antonio office coffee service by adding more coffee product choices. You might consider creamers, milk options, flavors, and sweeteners. Let LC Vending Co. help you! We’ll work with you to create an amazing office coffee service for your specific needs and budget.

Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffees

Iced coffee and cold brew are essential to any modern office break room. More and more people are choosing to drink cold coffee, especially on those toasty summer days. And guess what? You can choose to include various iced coffee and ready-to-drink cold brew options in your San Antonio office vending machine or micro-market.

Upgrade Your San Antonio Office Coffee Service With the Latest Coffee Trends

Good coffee equals happy employees. So give your team what they need to start their work day on a high note.

Contact LC Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, or vending services. We look forward to working with you!