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5 Ways to Make Your San Antonio, Schertz & Boerne Break Room a Valuable Employee Benefit

Want to make your workplace even better? Try updating your San Antonio break room so it’s more than just a place to eat lunch, but a perk for everyone! That way it can even help increase morale and boost retention. Here’s how to upgrade your break room for an employee benefit your team will love.

Give It a Makeover

Does your break room need a refresh? Give it a makeover! A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference, and it’s an easy fix that can be scheduled for over the weekend. Also, think about adding some plants to the break space. This not only makes the room look better but also helps clean the air, making it healthier to breathe. Overall, plants bring a bit of nature inside, making it a happier and more vibrant workspace. A few simple touches will go far!

Break Room Benefit: Micro-Markets

Say goodbye to vending machines and hello to a Schertz micro-market! It’s like having a small store right in your break room. You can find all sorts of snacks, drinks, and even fresh food. This makes it easy for everyone to find something they like, and it’s healthier too! This is one employee benefit that everyone at the office will thank you for.

Use It for Group Activities

Make your break room a welcoming place for gathering and getting to know each other. You could have meditation sessions during lunch or talks about money management. It’s a great way for everyone to learn something new and bond with their coworkers. This can benefit your team by helping them feel supported both in and outside of work. The result? Happy and healthy employees!

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Celebrate Wins at Work

Let your team know when they’re doing a great job! You can put up messages in the break room for work anniversaries or when a team hits their goals. You could even give them micro-market credits or free vend vouchers to buy snacks as a reward. Who doesn’t love free food? Showing appreciation for your team is a small touch that can make a big impact.

Coffee Benefit: A Corporate Cafe

Upgrade your office coffee game! Instead of just one type of coffee, offer a variety of options. You might consider single-cup coffee machines that brew coffee by the cup so everyone can get the blend or brand they want. Having different coffee choices can make mornings (and afternoons) better. And great Boerne coffee service is a benefit that everyone can get behind.

Use a Service Provider Who Cares

One of the most overlooked ways to better use your break room is to switch to a high-quality break room service provider. By teaming up with a company like L.C. Vending Co., you can make sure your break room stays modern and fresh. We’ll keep the San Antonio vending machines full and take care of all of your break room needs. That means less stress for you and more benefits for employees!

So, why wait? Give your San Antonio, Schertz & Boerne break room a boost today and see the benefits for yourself! Contact us at (210) 532.3151 to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Taking Breaks Actually Boosts San Antonio, Spring Branch & Von Army Employee Performance

Research supports the value of coffee and lunch breaks at the office. Taking breaks is good for performance and avoiding conditions such as burnout. How so? Consider that focus is finite. It’s the power in a battery that lets a member of your staff work on a task. What happens when the power is used up, but there’s still work to be done? Does the staff member push on, forcing more productivity even if it’s subpar? Or can they get a recharge? One of the best ways for staff to recharge is by taking breaks. The stop in work for a short period of time lets the mind relax or reset.

To fully benefit from the power of breaks, offering a space isn’t enough. Instead, the break room should be part of your workplace culture and inviting. That’s where L.C. Vending Co. can help. We specialize in optimizing break rooms. That way, you get the most out of your team. Here are some ways you can boost productivity with breaks.

Breaks Must Come From the Top

Office supervisors and managers need to have a positive attitude about breaks. From articles or podcasts, they need to see the value of stepping away from the computer or job, briefly.

Besides knowing the value of breaks, bosses need to take breaks themselves. This sets the tone for the staff, showing that it’s okay, even good to take that brief time off.

Micro-Market San Antonio | Spring Branch Office Coffee Breaks | Von Army Coffee by the Cup

Schedule Breaks into the Day

If your workplace culture has avoided breaks, try adding them in with a set schedule. This lets employees plan for the breaks. It can also avoid crowding at the San Antonio vending machine by staggering department break times.

Create a Welcoming Break Space

Design a break room that’s comfortable and offers refreshments. Vending machines are perfect for offering cold drinks on demand and snacks that help fuel the body. L.C. Vending Co. can offer healthy choices in the vending machine too.

Want a more upscale refreshment solution? Try our Spring Branch micro-markets. The open design with shelves and coolers allows more options. There are hundreds of bagged snacks, treats, fresh food, dairy choices, and cold drink options. The open design makes it feel more like a mini store inside your Von Army break room.

Create a Coffee Station

A hot cup of coffee is a break standard. Traditional San Antonio office coffee brewers make it easy to brew gourmet coffee for a big office. If you want more variety, try our Spring Branch single-cup coffee service. The different pods offer each team member a chance to brew his or her favorite coffee or hot drink. Then the coffee, and even hot tea, are always fresh.

Effective Breaks Need Support and Leading Break Room Services

Taking a coffee break or lunch break is good for performance. It lets your mind recharge, even if it’s short. The best way to promote breaks is to have management set an example and create a great break space. This includes adding well-stocked snacks, drinks, and food from a break room expert.

L.C. Vending Co. is a one-stop-shop for break room services. Our leading vending, micro-market, and office coffee service can transform your break room. That way, it draws employees. Let us make your breaks more effective and boost the bottom line. Call L.C. Vending Co. at (210) 532.3151.

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Boost Company Morale in 2024 with a San Antonio, Spring Branch, and Von Army Micro-Market

Want to retain more top talent in 2024? If so, it all starts with staff satisfaction. According to MetLife, 42% of employees feel their companies don’t care. A San Antonio micro-market can change that! That’s because these mini-stores support workplace wellness. They also boost employee satisfaction. And happy employees will stick around longer!

Keep reading to learn three benefits of Spring Branch micro-markets.

1. Micro-Markets Offer More Fresh Food Options

Many Von Army employees want to improve their health in the new year. And a micro-market does just that! How? This self-serve market has endless fresh food options. For instance, employees can buy salads and sandwiches. They can also get fresh fruits and wraps. Employees can inspect items before they buy. They can also read labels. Thus, they can make better decisions.

San Antonio Employee Satisfaction | Spring Branch Micro-Market | Von Army Fresh Food Vending

Micro-markets are open 24/7. The micro-market kiosk accepts cash, cards, and mobile payments. Simply grab, pay, and go.  Eating healthy has never been easier!

L.C. Vending puts the “fresh” in fresh food. That’s because we make everything in-house. We also personalize our menus. Thus, all employees enjoy delicious and nutritious meals. They can even buy fresh vending machine food. This shows you care and improves company culture!

2. Make Your Break Room Beautiful

A beautiful break room is a welcoming break room. San Antonio vending food machines are convenient. However, they won’t elevate the look of your break room. But a micro-market can! These on-site stores have a modern design. Plus, they have open layouts. This makes your break room sleek and beautiful.

L.C. Vending will build a micro-market just for you! We’ll learn about your needs, space, and budget. Then, we’ll design a space that fits your needs. A micro-market makes your break room feel like an office kitchen. Thus, employees feel more at home.

San Antonio Vending Machine | Spring Branch Company Culture | Von Army Micro-Market

3. Five-Star Service

Excellent service improves employee retention. Why? Your team feels well cared for. Thus, it increases staff satisfaction. Additionally, it can boost productivity and collaboration. Happy employees work harder!

L.C. Vending will take great care of your crew. We go above and beyond for every customer and their staff. Our family-owned business offers personalized service. It’s no wonder folks have trusted us for over 60 years!

Upgrade Your Micro-Market in 2024

So, why should you upgrade to a Spring Branch kitchen office in 2024? L.C. Vending’s micro-markets show employees they’re appreciated. This sets the stage for increased employee satisfaction and retention. They’ll love the fresh food options and sleek layout.

Additionally, Von Army subsidized micro-markets let you reward your team. Offer deep discounts on food and drinks. It’s the perfect way to reward employees for achievements. You can also celebrate workplace anniversaries and birthdays. Lastly, it encourages healthy eating. Provide reduced costs on healthy options.

Give Employees the VIP Treatment in 2024 with a Micro-Market

Keep employees happy and healthy in 2024 and beyond. Upgrade your break room with a micro-market! L.C. Vending can help. We’ve been at this since 1953! We are a trusted name in San Antonio break room solutions.

Contact L.C. Vending today at (210) 532.3151 or We also offer vending and office coffee solutions. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Keep Employees with a Great Castle Hills Break Room

Businesses must keep employees. Training new Castle Hills employees is expensive. Plus, it’s a downer when coworkers leave. Thus, employee retention reduces costs and boosts morale. But how can you improve retention rates?

Try offering better Castle Hills break room solutions! A break room can make employees feel appreciated. Plus, they’ll like their jobs more!

Offer Subsidized Food

Employees love a good deal! Thus, consider Castle Hills subsidized refreshment services. They can enjoy complimentary snacks, like nuts or candy. Or you might offer delicious drinks. This will make employees feel valued. In turn, they’ll work harder. Plus, they will become more loyal.

Additionally, subsidized refreshments help attract new hires. They are an excellent recruitment tool. This is especially true if there’s specialty coffee! Get a Castle Hills bean-to-cup brewer. It makes a wide array of drinks. Users can make cappuccinos or lattes. The sounds and rich aromas turn break rooms into cafes!

Keep Employees with Micro-Markets

Castle Hills Healthy Snacks | Employee Retention | Office Coffee Vending Machines

Want an alternative to vending machines? If so, get a Castle Hills micro-market. These mini-stores offer fresh, healthy foods. There are also plenty of beverages! Did we mention snacks?

Fresh food is stocked in the open coolers. This gives employees more meal options. They can buy healthy food 24/7. This helps them stay fit. They’ll also save them time and money. There’s no need to drive to the store.

The stylish look upgrades your break room. Plus, employees can look at items before they buy.

Tech Forward Services

Self-checkouts are more popular than ever. Businesses are adding them to lobbies. Want to keep up with these trends? Add a self-checkout kiosk to your break room.

Employees will love the convenience. They don’t have to wait in long lines. They can pay and go! Plus, there are more payment options. For example, pay with a card or cash. Most kiosks also accept mobile payments.

Here’s to Your Health!

Health and wellness matter. This is true even in offices. Thus, help your staff feel their best. Give them access to fresh, delicious water. Just install a Castle Hills water filter in your break room. The filters remove chemical tastes and odors. As a result, drinks taste great! Plus, employees will stay hydrated all day long.

Furthermore, it makes your office eco-friendly as there’s less need for single-use bottles. Instead, staff can refill reusable ones.

Keep Employees Around for the Long Run

Stop losing top talent. L.C. Vending Co. can help you keep your staff with better break room services. In turn, your employees will feel appreciated. They’ll be less likely to jump shop.

We offer micro-market, coffee, and water filtration services. You can call us today at (210) 532.3151 to learn more. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your office!