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3 Reasons to Add a Sego 12 Brewer to Your San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley Office Coffee Service

Looking to upgrade your San Antonio office coffee service? Get a Sego 12 coffee brewer! This bean-to-cup brewer is sure to please. Why? For starters, it makes café-quality coffee. Employees can also make coffee their way. Thus, everyone will enjoy their favorite drinks. Thankfully, L.C. Vending carries this state-of-the-art brewer. But that’s not all! We also have the best office coffee service in San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley.

Want to learn more? Here are three reasons to add a Sego 12 office coffee machine to your break room.

1. More Drink Options

The Sego 12 is a break room favorite. That’s because it offers plenty of options. In fact, this Helotes bean-to-cup coffee machine makes 30 different drinks! For instance, the Sego 12 can make premium coffee. It also makes espresso and specialty drinks. Furthermore, it’s fully customizable. Choose your cup size. Then, select your grind, coffee-to-water ratio, and more. You can also add instant ingredients. Pick from cocoa, powdered milk, and more.

San Antonio Office Break Room | Helotes Beverage Services | Leon Valley Sego 12 Coffee Brewer

Celebrate the holidays with seasonal flavors. Try peppermint, pumpkin, or eggnog creamer. This spreads good cheer! Ask us about our San Antonio coffee products.

We also offer Ellis products. This company is one of the oldest family-owned roasters in the country. Plus, Ellis Coffee Company makes premium coffee. Give your team only the best!

2. Touchless Ordering

Reduce germs with touchless technology. With the Sego 12, employees can make coffee from their phones. This improves office health and hygiene. Your office will stay clean and germ-free. Thus, this single-cup coffee maker is great for busy break rooms.

Don’t want to order from your phone? No problem! Use the user-friendly touchscreen. The Sego 12 makes ordering coffee easy. Therefore, Leon Valley employees don’t have to wait. This improves productivity.

3. Sleek and Compact Design

Lastly, the Sego 12 is easy on the eyes. This makes your break room look better. The Sego 12 has a small profile and footprint. Therefore, the single-cup coffee maker fits into any space. Add it to your break room. Or, keep one in the waiting area. Clients can treat themselves to complimentary coffee.

Want to reduce your energy bills? Get a Sego 12! It has an energy-saving mode. Save money while protecting the planet. This powerful brewer is packed with technology. It’s also easy to clean and maintain!

San Antonio Office Break Room | Helotes Beverage Services | Leon Valley Sego 12 Coffee Brewer

Pair Your Office Coffee Service with a Micro-Market or Vending Service in San Antonio

Ready to take employee satisfaction to the next level? Ask us about our San Antonio micro-markets or vending machines. They pair perfectly with office coffee services. Why? Employees can buy fresh foods. They can also enjoy healthy snacks. Plus, they won’t have to run to the store. Everything they want to eat is already on-site!

Level Up Your Office Coffee Service with L.C. Vending

In conclusion, the Sego 12 coffee machine will improve your office coffee service. Employees will have endless options. This brewer also reduces germs. No more colds and coughs! L.C. Vending is your go-to source for a coffee service near me!

To learn more, contact L.C. Vending today at (210) 532.3151 or Ask us about our San Antonio vending, office coffee, and micro-market solutions. Talk soon!

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3 Ways to Customize Your San Antonio Single Cup Coffee Service

Our single cup coffee solutions are built around providing your employees coffee as unique as they are. If you want to boost office morale, our San Antonio office coffee services are the perfect solution. As a matter of fact, the right brewer can transform your office into a café. Yep, that’s right! Our state-of-the-art single cup brewers can even make gourmet drinks. For example, your team can pick from lattes, cappuccinos, and even hot chocolate!

To enjoy your San Antonio coffee service experience to the fullest, you need personalized solutions. And that’s our specialty! So, we’re breaking down 3 simple ways we can build a custom refreshment service your team will love!

1. Pick the Perfect Single Cup Coffee Brewer

It all begins with your brewer. Did you know that there are many single cup brewers available? Yep! For instance, you can pick a K-Cup brewer or a coffee-pod brewer. Both of these options come with fantastic benefits. K-Cups are easy to use and coffee pods can be more eco-friendly. There are a lot of options to consider, but we can help find your San Antonio break room’s perfect fit! We’ll learn about your needs and preferences. Next, we’ll offer personalized recommendations that can handle all of your coffee and tea drinking needs!

Break Room San Antonio | State-Of-The-Art Technology | Single Cup Coffee and Tea Service

2. Single Cup Coffee Solutions Offer More Variety

One of the best parts about a single cup brewer is the variety! From French roasts to breakfast blends, it can brew them all. In fact, there are endless options to choose from! Plus, we even have options for non-coffee drinkers. Your team can enjoy hot chocolate or tea. This ensures you’ll always have amazing gourmet coffee and teas selections in your San Antonio break room.

By bettering your office coffee service, you’re treating your team to awesome employee perks. Plus, they can look forward to customized beverages all day long. Furthermore, coffee boosts workplace morale and productivity!


3. Stock Up on Single Cup Coffee Service Essentials

As a full-service provider, we will make sure your coffee station is prepared at all times! The question is, do you want to go the extra mile for your employees? If so, consider adding flavored creamers to the mix! There is an array of items to choose from. For example, you can supply hazelnut, French vanilla, or even pecan!

Get a Customized Coffee Service for Your Crew

So, make every morning a breeze for your employees with free coffee! We promise, they’ll love you for it! With a single cup coffee brewer, your team can enjoy customized brew coffee and feel energized all day long.
To enhance your San Antonio traditional office coffee services, contact L.C. Vending Co. today. We can help you build a program that works for you. To learn more, call us today at 210-532-3151. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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Premium San Antonio Employee Perks that Help Recruit and Retain Talent

When it comes to offering employee perks, you’ve come to the right place! We are experts in offering premium refreshments that your team will love. Now more than ever, San Antonio workers are looking for companies who are passionate about fostering development and positive attitudes. Not only that, but they’re looking for great employee benefits. Would you like to know an easy way to attract employees and keep them happy? It’s simple! Upgrade your San Antonio break room services! We know, it might seem silly. However, high-quality snacks, beverages, and office amenities can go a long way!

So, if you’re ready to recruit and retain the best employees in your area, keep reading below. We’re sharing two ways to update your San Antonio break room for a premium experience.

Free San Antonio Coffee and Tea Services – The Ultimate Employee Perk!

There are so many benefits to having a San Antonio office coffee and tea service. For starters, you’ll give your team a place to relax and connect before starting the busy workday. As a result, the break room creates an interactive social workplace. Why does this matter? It’s important because it can build a more positive workplace culture and spark natural collaboration between coworkers. 

Single-Cup Coffee Service San Antonio | Snacks | Employee Perks | Refreshing Beverages

Great break room solutions help make meaningful connections. In addition to creating a strong company culture, a high-quality break room simply gives workers something to look forward to each day. They’ll be grateful for a space where they can step away from their desks to have a morning coffee and afternoon pick-me-up. Additionally, a bean-to-cup coffee service will save everyone time and money. No, seriously! Since they won’t need to stop at the local café, they’ll save funds, time, and feel excited for the workday!

Office Pantry Services – Set Your Company Apart From The Rest!

Who doesn’t love free food? A San Antonio office pantry service is the ultimate “thank you” to your employees. When hunger strikes in the middle of the workday, they’ll no longer daydream about leaving the office for their next meal. Rather, they’ll have tasty snacks just a few steps away!

Thanks to your premium break room benefits, they can visit the office pantry for a free snack or drink at any time. This is an excellent way to attract new hires and keep your current workforce happy. Taking care of your employees’ needs helps your company stand out above the rest. In addition, when workers aren’t distracted by hunger, they can better focus on the tasks at hand. So, it’s good for both employees and the company as a whole!

Don’t Miss Out On These Employee Perks! 

Want more ways to improve your San Antonio office break room and company culture at the same time? We can help with that! Contact us at L.C. Vending Co. or call 210-532-3151 to unleash the ultimate employee perks with your refreshment services today!

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3 Benefits of a San Antonio Single Cup Coffee Service

To us, a premium single cup coffee service is more than just the brewer in your San Antonio break room. I know what you might be thinking… And yes, we take our customer’s experience very serious when it comes to their daily cup of joe. For example, it’s about giving your team the opportunity to customize their cup in the most efficient way possible. In case you didn’t know, the quality of your office refreshment solutions have a major impact on your company.

If you’re still reading this, it means we can help you take your traditional office coffee service to the next level! Keep reading to learn all the benefits our San Antonio single cup coffee service can bring to your team!

1. A Single Cup Coffee Brewer Allows you to Customize your Cup

When it comes to people’s coffee preferences, everyone has different tastes. For example, some like dark roasts while others like medium or French roasts. To us, no coffee is bad. However, offering a variety of blends is a major employee perk. Instead of having a large carafe of one roast available to your team, they can choose their own blend and brew it fresh. Additional benefits to a single cup brewer, are being able to choose your strength and serving size. With these options, your staff can sip on exactly what they like each time they visit your San Antonio break room.

2. You Can Brew Coffee, Tea and More!Single Cup Coffee Service San Antonio, Coffee Service, Traditional Office Coffee

Many people don’t know this about our single cup service, but you can brew more than just coffee. Yep, that’s right! With this brewer, you can also enjoy a variety of teas and even hot chocolate! Can you say “YUM”?! With an array of drinks available, you’ll satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Score!

By having a place for your employees to kick back and enjoy a refreshing beverage, you’ll strengthen your workplace culture and create a collaborative environment for the whole office. What’s more, we’ll restock your San Antonio coffee product essentials at each service. That way, you can relax and watch your employee satisfaction rates soar!

3. A Single Cup Coffee Brewer Pairs Well with Every Break Room Service

No, we’re not kidding! When you partner with us, you can add our coffee and tea service for an even better break room experience. If you’re looking for more ways to show appreciation to your employees, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you have traditional vending machines, a healthy vending program, or an office micro-market, adding coffee to the mix is always a great idea. We promise, both your employees and management team will thank you for it!

Are you ready for the ultimate San Antonio coffee and tea service experience? We can help! For more information, visit L.C. Vending Co. or call 210.532.3151 today. We can’t wait to bring the gift of customized coffee to your break room!