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Boost Company Spirit with a Subsidized San Antonio Micro-Market

Recruit and retain your San Antonio employees with a subsidized micro-market in your company break room. L.C. Vending Co. knows a thing or two about office fare. Since 1953 – that’s 70 years and counting – we’ve been serving the needs of hungry and thirsty San Antonio employees.

What is a Subsidized Micro-Market?

When you lower prices or pick up some of the costs for micro-market, you offer reduced food services to employees. Open all day, every day, and handy for your San Antonio employees. The micro-market is easy. It takes just about any payment type: Cash, credit card – even mobile wallet payments.

Employees pay for their food, snacks, and drinks at a self-serve kiosk. This makes things simple – and with your subsidized micro-market – at a lower cost, too.

Imagine! Hundreds of products like fresh sandwiches, salads, frozen items, snacks, drinks, even desserts, right at your employees’ fingertips. Various options any time hunger or thirst hits.

Open All Day

With a San Antonio micro-market or vending services, food and drink is always at the ready. With the micro-market, they’ll have more cost-effective options. You’ll be giving employees a raise they can sink their teeth into.

With vending services, your employees are in the driver’s seat. When they want food, drinks, snacks or water, they have 24/7 access because we take care of the stocking and service. Your employees have flexible options with the easy self-serve and pay system.

A subsidized micro-market is a great benefit. Long term, it can help reduce the price of bonuses or pay raises. How? Because food  – and its expense – is at hand, and now it costs less.

Think about offering reduced bonuses and pay increases, now offset by lower cost food, snacks and drinks. This perk can make up the difference in value by helping keep more of your employees’ pay in their pockets.

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Reward Them with a Subsidized Micro-Market

A recent study found that 60% of people surveyed said having food at the office would make them feel more “valued and appreciated.” Up your employee pride and joy with a San Antonio micro-market, beverage, vending or break room solution. Your San Antonio micro-market can be used as a reward, too. Job performance, goal setting, and meetings, as well as making company milestones and wins, can all be tied to your subsidized micro-market benefit.

Company Vending Services

From food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending to micro-market services, any of these options can be upgraded to a subsidized micro-market. Your company will stand out – and become a more enticing place to work – with discounted food, vending and beverage services, and a subsidized micro-market.

What’s more, your food vending services can be offered at the same discount to employees as a subsidized micro-market, if you’re not sure a micro-market is right for you.

About L.C. Vending Co.

We care about the community.

We partner with the San Antonio Food Bank to make sure any extra food produced does not go to waste. Veteran-owned and operated, we are the only San Antonio vending services firm with our own, in-house kitchen. That means you can count on freshness – and quality – among your break room benefits.

With decades of experience in the vending and refreshment business, our goal is to serve San Antonio businesses and their owners.

For more information visit us at, or email to Rather speak to someone live? Give us a call at (210) 532.3151.

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Keep Employees with a Great Castle Hills Break Room

Businesses must keep employees. Training new Castle Hills employees is expensive. Plus, it’s a downer when coworkers leave. Thus, employee retention reduces costs and boosts morale. But how can you improve retention rates?

Try offering better Castle Hills break room solutions! A break room can make employees feel appreciated. Plus, they’ll like their jobs more!

Offer Subsidized Food

Employees love a good deal! Thus, consider Castle Hills subsidized refreshment services. They can enjoy complimentary snacks, like nuts or candy. Or you might offer delicious drinks. This will make employees feel valued. In turn, they’ll work harder. Plus, they will become more loyal.

Additionally, subsidized refreshments help attract new hires. They are an excellent recruitment tool. This is especially true if there’s specialty coffee! Get a Castle Hills bean-to-cup brewer. It makes a wide array of drinks. Users can make cappuccinos or lattes. The sounds and rich aromas turn break rooms into cafes!

Keep Employees with Micro-Markets

Castle Hills Healthy Snacks | Employee Retention | Office Coffee Vending Machines

Want an alternative to vending machines? If so, get a Castle Hills micro-market. These mini-stores offer fresh, healthy foods. There are also plenty of beverages! Did we mention snacks?

Fresh food is stocked in the open coolers. This gives employees more meal options. They can buy healthy food 24/7. This helps them stay fit. They’ll also save them time and money. There’s no need to drive to the store.

The stylish look upgrades your break room. Plus, employees can look at items before they buy.

Tech Forward Services

Self-checkouts are more popular than ever. Businesses are adding them to lobbies. Want to keep up with these trends? Add a self-checkout kiosk to your break room.

Employees will love the convenience. They don’t have to wait in long lines. They can pay and go! Plus, there are more payment options. For example, pay with a card or cash. Most kiosks also accept mobile payments.

Here’s to Your Health!

Health and wellness matter. This is true even in offices. Thus, help your staff feel their best. Give them access to fresh, delicious water. Just install a Castle Hills water filter in your break room. The filters remove chemical tastes and odors. As a result, drinks taste great! Plus, employees will stay hydrated all day long.

Furthermore, it makes your office eco-friendly as there’s less need for single-use bottles. Instead, staff can refill reusable ones.

Keep Employees Around for the Long Run

Stop losing top talent. L.C. Vending Co. can help you keep your staff with better break room services. In turn, your employees will feel appreciated. They’ll be less likely to jump shop.

We offer micro-market, coffee, and water filtration services. You can call us today at (210) 532.3151 to learn more. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your office!