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Vending Machine vs. Micro-Market Services: Which Is Right for San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley Offices?

Want to give your office break room a boost? If so, you have two main options. You can get a micro-market. Or, you can choose a San Antonio vending machine. Both have excellent benefits. But which is best for you?

Luckily, L.C. Vending is here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about Helotes vending services vs. micro-markets.

The Vending Machine Option

Vending machines in San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley are straightforward solutions. Employees can buy different vending food from one machine. This is super convenient. Just pick your product and pay! You can get beverage or food vending machines. Or why not both? Employees stay full and hydrated 24/7.

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L.C. Vending has the freshest vending foods in town. That’s because we produce items on-site. Thus, we can keep an eye on the quality. As a result, you’ll enjoy premium products! We also offer local favorites. For instance, get Barbacoa or Big Red. You can customize your menu. Leon Valley employees can always buy their favorite office snacks.

Have a smaller office? If so, vending machines are the way to go. They fit into tight spaces. They’re also cost-effective. Offer fresh foods on a budget!

Bulky, slow machines are a thing of the past. L.C Vending has modern vending machines. They have touchless payment options. Simply scan your mobile wallet. Use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Skip carrying cash!

The Micro-Market Option

Is your office large? Consider adding a Helotes micro-market. These on-site mini-stores are open 24/7. Micro-markets have more space. Thus, there are endless options. Buy healthy meals, trendy beverages, or tasty snacks. For instance, get a salad for lunch. Or, buy a breakfast bar in the morning. L.C. Vending has items for all dietary preferences.

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There are many Leon Valley micro-market benefits. Firstly, employees can make informed choices. They can pick up products. They can also read labels. Thus, employees will know more about items before making a purchase. This supports workplace wellness.

Secondly, micro-markets have a welcoming environment. Make yours look like a small grocery store. Or, create a homey kitchen. As a result, employees will feel relaxed. This improves staff satisfaction.

Lastly, micro-markets have self-checkout kiosks. Therefore, shoppers save time. No more long checkout lines! There are also more ways to pay. Use cash, a card, or mobile payments. Micro-markets are quick and convenient.

Choose L.C. Vending for Your Vending Machine and Micro-Market Needs

Want a San Antonio snack vending machine? Or do you need a micro-market? L.C. Vending offers both. We have been a trusted partner since 1953 and provide excellent customer service. We also have the best products around. Enjoy unmatched freshness and quality!

Contact L.C. Vending today at (210) 532.3151 or to learn more. Ask us about our vending, micro-market, and office coffee solutions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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3 Reasons San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley Employees Should Take Water Breaks

Water breaks are essential for San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley employees. If your team isn’t drinking enough water, they could risk dehydration and poor focus. According to the PUL Hydration company, only 23% of employees drink enough water while working. Luckily, you can help encourage staff to take the water breaks they need to stay at their best.

But how? Keep reading to learn about the power of water breaks and how San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley break room services can help.

3 Benefits of Water Breaks

Here are the three top benefits of water breaks.

  1. Employees Stay Healthy

Drinking water keeps your team healthy. Hydration improves brain function. Thus, employees stay sharp. It also promotes heart health. Drinking enough water also prevents headaches. Employees will feel their best.

  1. Increased Productivity

Hydrated employees are more focused and have increased energy. In short, drinking water makes them more alert and productive. This has benefits for your business.

  1. Morale Booster

Did you know that drinking water lifts your mood? That’s right! Water balances chemicals in your brain. This can prevent mood swings. Thus, employees feel calmer and more content. And happy employees work better together. Therefore, water breaks can improve company morale.

Better Water Leads to More Water Breaks

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So, how can you encourage employees to drink more water? To start with, try our San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley beverage vending service. This encourages employees to grab water easily. Plus, water tastes great and is more enticing to your staff.

Our beverage vending machines fit break rooms of all sizes. You can even add options like bubbly water to make it more enticing. Add a beverage vending machine to provide water, which can also improve the flavor of your office coffee brewer or tea.

Speaking of office coffee, we provide coffee brewers through our San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley office coffee service. You can also get traditional coffee pots or single-cup coffee brewers. Plus, we stock coffee from national brands and even local favorites. Don’t forget the creamers and selection of hot teas.

Make the Break Room a Destination

Another way to get staff to take water breaks is to include refreshments in the break room. For example, a San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley vending machine full of traditional goodies and healthy snacks. This will bring staff to the break room for chips or a granola bar, where they can also grab cool, refreshing water. We offer water in bottles along with filtered water options.

L.C. Vending Co. Helps Your Team Stay Hydrated

As you can see, water breaks are important. They keep employees healthy and hydrated, which promotes productivity.

Encourage employees to take more water breaks by building the ultimate break room! Ask L.C. Vending Co. about our water filtration, vending, micro-market, and office coffee services. Workers will love their new office oasis! Contact us today by calling (210) 532.3151.