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5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a San Antonio Hybrid Micro-Market

One-size-fits-all break rooms are a thing of the past. Now, modern offices can have it all! That’s because a San Antonio hybrid micro-market is the best of both worlds. You can treat your team to free goodies. Plus, they can buy fresh foods 24/7. Sounds pretty great, right?

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why hybrid micro-markets are the perfect solution.

1. 24/7 Access to Quality Foods

Lunch breaks shouldn’t be rushed. Nobody likes being stuck in traffic or long checkout lines. Therefore, give your team easy access to quality foods on-site. They can skip the drive to the store. A hybrid micro-market offers plenty of San Antonio snack vending options. For instance, employees can grab nuts or chips. These healthy break room options kick hunger to the curb!

Furthermore, a San Antonio office coffee service lets employees enjoy gourmet coffee all day long. At L.C. Vending, we carry a variety of delicious blends. Try Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee. These are wonderful complimentary treats!

2. A Hybrid Micro-Market Offers Fresh Options

Want to promote workplace wellness? If so, offer fresh foods! San Antonio micro-markets make this easy. You can stock a variety of fresh meals in the coolers. For example, offer salads, fruits, and wraps. This makes it easy for employees to practice healthy eating habits. As a result, they’ll feel their best!

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L.C. Vending’s in-house commissary means that fresh food is always available! Contact us today to learn more about our fresh entrees.

3. Customizable Designs

L.C. Vending’s micro-markets are created with you in mind. Our customizable designs cater to all San Antonio break rooms. Thus, we’ll help maximize your space. Have a smaller office? We’ll help you find the best design for your needs.

4. Personalized Menus

Wow your crew with a personalized menu. Healthy break rooms offer far more than candy and cookies. They should also have nutritious options. L.C. Vending offers a wide variety of products. Therefore, you can offer more choices! Want tasty teas? How about fresh sandwiches? We carry both of those and more!

More options keep your staff happy. They can explore exciting new flavors each day!

5. Stellar Service

Lastly, L.C. Vending will keep your hybrid micro-market full. That’s because our service is based on need, not convenience. We’ll adjust your service frequency according to sales volume. This way, your break room stays fully stocked.

Upgrade Your Office with a San Antonio Hybrid Micro-Market

Want to offer fresh food in your break room? Does a personalized menu sound good to you? If so, add a hybrid micro-market to your office!

L.C. Vending is here to help. We offer beverage vending, office coffee, and micro-market solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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4 Wellness-Focused Alamo Heights Break Room Solutions

Workplace wellness initiatives are a win-win for both employees and Alamo Heights businesses. That’s because they improve employee health and morale. Furthermore, wellness programs also boost productivity. As a result, they provide a great return on investment.

Do you want to encourage workplace wellness in your office? If so, your Alamo Heights break room is a great place to start. Quality break room solutions promote hydration. They also let employees enjoy healthier snacks.

Here are four wellness-focused solutions for your break room.

1. Hydration Stations: Use Water to Promote Workplace Wellness

Water is a key ingredient for workplace wellness. That’s because employees who are well-hydrated are healthier and better performing. Drinking enough water improves your mood and increases cognition. That’s why you’ll want to make water readily accessible to all employees with an Alamo Heights water filtration service. It makes regular water taste better.

Filtered water systems fit into any sized break room. For instance, there are floor-standing and countertop models. Both types have spigots for hot and cold filtered water. Thus, you can use them for your glass of water or hot tea.

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2. Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks in the break room have tons of benefits. For example, they help to maintain your blood sugar, decrease overeating, and provide essential nutrients to your body. Get a variety of healthy snacks with Alamo Heights vending service.

Our vending machines can include options like jerky and nuts. These high-protein snacks will keep employees full and energized. LC Vending Co. can even label all the healthy snacks to make it easy to pick better-for-you options.

3. Encourage Wellness with Fresh Foods

Fresh foods are workplace must-haves! They’re packed with vitamins and nutrients that support employee wellness. Our Alamo Heights micro-markets make it easy to offer fresh foods in the break room. The glass-front coolers are filled with fresh fruits, cut-up veggies, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and more.

4. Bring It All Together with Subsidized Vending

Lastly, Alamo Heights subsidized vending provides the ultimate wellness benefit. LC Vending Co. can find healthy items that meet any budget. This can increase staff satisfaction since everyone loves free food. Plus, they’ll know you support their wellness goals. This increases retention.

Some healthy options to try are oatmeal or bulk nuts. Alternatively, you can choose from our list of grab-and-go items. That way, busy employees can snack healthy all day long.

LC Vending Co. Makes Workplace Wellness Easy

Need help promoting workplace wellness? L.C. Vending Co. can provide assistance. Our Alamo Heights break room solutions help your team make healthier choices. We provide water filtration, micro-market, and vending solutions.

To learn more, call us today at (210) 532.3151. We look forward to hearing from you.