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Why San Antonio Micro-Markets are the Perfect Office Perk Your Team Will Love

Trying to find a great perk for your team can be tough. The good news? L.C. Vending Co. has got you covered! We offer custom micro-markets. That means you can fill your San Antonio break room with snacks and drinks your employees will love. Here’s everything you need to know!

A Perk With Tons of Tasty Snacks

Get an upgrade from your San Antonio vending machine! Our San Antonio micro-markets have all sorts of snacks to choose from. Whether you’re into classic goodies or healthier options, there’s something tasty for everyone. Think chocolate, chips, spicy nut mixes, granola bars and more.

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Plus, a micro-market offers a variety of fresh food options for lunch. Inside glass coolers, the grab-and-go food is extra easy to browse and ingredient check. We stock everything from salads and sandwiches to dairy and protein-packed meat snacks! Your team will thank you for the new addition to your San Antonio break room service!

Endless Beverages to Choose From

Thirsty? Micro-markets have room for more than just the top soda flavors in cold beverage vending machines. Instead, there are tons of drink choices. Plus, we offer new options all the time. You can grab brand-name cold brew coffee, energy drinks, or flavored sparkling water. There’s something for every taste. And that’s a perk that employees can get behind!

Add This Perk to Your Coffee Service

Don’t worry about how our micro-markets fit with your coffee setup. We can make it happen for you! This break room style goes perfectly with traditional coffee machines. It can even be used with single-cup and bean-to-cup coffee service. That means you can enjoy your favorite brew alongside your snacks.

Make your office awesome with a San Antonio micro-market and give your team a perk to smile about at work. Contact L.C. Vending Co. today at (210) 532.3151 to learn more about how we can upgrade your break room. We’d love to work with you!

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Add These Delicious Flavors to Your San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley Office Coffee Service

Nothing is better than rich, flavorful coffee on a workday morning. Want to treat your staff? Add Ellis Coffee’s delicious flavors to your office coffee service in San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley. Everyone will love the delicious tastes and aromas. It’s a great way to reward your team. It can even boost employee satisfaction.

Curious to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about Ellis Coffee Company.

Who Is Ellis Coffee?

Ellis Coffee Company is America’s oldest family-owned coffee company. They were founded in 1854. They care about customers. Thus, they offer quality San Antonio coffee products. Plus, their customer service is top-notch. Therefore, L.C. Vending is proud to be their partner.

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Some of Ellis Company’s top flavors to try are:

  • Presidential Roast: This has been a favorite for over 150 years. It’s made with Columbian beans for a smooth taste.
  • Philadelphia Roast: This flavor is named after their hometown. Just like Philly, it packs a punch. This roast is the perfect pick-me-up. Employees love the chocolatey flavors.
  • Guatemalan French Roast: This coffee is roasted in small batches. It’s a dark roast with bold flavors.

Want to try these flavors? Contact L.C. Vending today. We carry them all!

Customize Your Office Coffee Service

Ready to upgrade your office coffee service? We can help! Enjoy Ellis Coffee in many different ways. For instance, try our Helotes Sego 12 coffee machine. This turns your office into a coffee shop. How? It makes cafe-quality drinks instantly. Employees can skip the trip to the café. Thus, they’ll save time and money. Additionally, they’ll always enjoy fresh coffee.

Sego 12 is a bean-to-cup coffee machine. It grinds whole beans. Users can make E-cups. Or, use fractional packs or ground beans. It’s easy to customize your cup. As a result, everybody can make their favorite drinks.

Want a Leon Valley single-cup coffee maker? We have those too! These brew coffee pods. Pick your favorite flavor. Every pod is made fresh.

We’re a one-stop shop for all your coffee needs. We carry tons of roasts. Try creamy French Vanilla Brûlée or Donut Shop. L.C. Vending also has creamers and sweeteners. These are the perfect addition to your coffee bar. Make your coffee service extra special. Ask us about our seasonal creamers.

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Explore All of Our Break Room Solutions

L.C. Vending also offers vending and micro-market solutions. Our San Antonio vending machines carry brand-name snacks. Employees can also buy better-for-you items.

Want fresh food 24/7? Ask us about our Helotes micro-markets. Employees can buy salads, soups, or sandwiches. We even offer breakfast items, straight from our in-house deli! Pay with cash, a card, or your mobile wallet. This is a fantastic employee perk!

We Have All of Your Office Coffee Service Must-Haves

Looking for a coffee service near me? Look no further than L.C. Vending. We carry premium blends from Ellis Coffee. We also have quality brewers, healthy snacks, and more.

Contact L.C. Vending today at (210) 532.3151 or for more information about our office coffee, micro-market, and vending solutions. We’re excited to work with you!

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Boost Employee Satisfaction with San Antonio Beverage Vending Machines

Warm weather makes it hard for employees to focus. Our bodies want to stay cool. Thus, they use more energy. This makes employees feel tired. As a result, they’re less alert. Luckily, San Antonio beverage vending machines can help. Workers will keep their cool with cold drinks. Additionally, our beverage vending services boost employee satisfaction!

Keep reading to find out why.

Stay Energized with an Office Coffee Service

What do employees want in the morning? A fresh cup of Joe! Give them what they crave with our Sego 12 machine. This transforms your San Antonio micro-market into a café. This bean-to-cup brewer makes quality coffee. Plus, employees can customize their cups. It’s easy to use the touchscreen. Enjoy a coffee shop experience without the barista!

Offer local favorites. For instance, Ellis Coffee is a wonderful option. They have e-cups and whole beans. Employees also love the yummy flavors. Therefore, our Helotes office coffee service improves staff satisfaction!

Cool Down with Drink Vending Machines

San Antonio employees must stay hydrated. They will feel their best. Additionally, they will be more alert. Hydration also promotes heart health. Add beverage vending services to your office. LC Vending Co. has tons of drink options. For example, we carry cold coffee cans and fresh water. We also have energy drinks. Employees will stay hydrated. Cold beverages are instant pick-me-ups. Therefore, your staff will be more productive.

San Antonio Vending Machines | Office Beverage | Coffee Service

Want employee satisfaction to soar? Try Free Vending! You cover the costs. This shows your staff you care. It can also improve retention.

A Subsidized Micro-Market Boosts Employee Satisfaction

Want to increase staff satisfaction instantly? Try a Leon Valley subsidized micro-market! These are mini convenience stores. Employees can choose from many options. They can get fresh foods, healthy snacks, and trendy drinks.

You can subsidize parts of your micro-market. This way, you’ll cover some or all costs. Employees love free food. They also appreciate deep discounts. It’s a great way to treat your team. Employees can help themselves to free beverages. Hydration is more affordable!

Furthermore, it’s an excellent retention tool. It also helps you attract top talent. Recruiting and retaining employees is a breeze!

Want to learn more? LC Vending Co. is always happy to chat. We’ll also make your life easier. How? We’ll customize your micro-market menu. Thus, employees will always enjoy their favorite foods!

Beverage Vending Machines Will Help You Increase Employee Satisfaction

Having trouble keeping employees happy? Call LC Vending Co. today! Our San Antonio beverage vending machines and office coffee services can help. Employees can stay cool all summer long. They’ll also stay hydrated. This keeps ‘em healthy. They’ll also be happy!

Additionally, our micro-markets improve employee satisfaction. It also increases retention. Businesses and employees both benefit!

Want to learn more? Call us today at (210) 532.3151. Ask us about our vending, office coffee, and micro-market solutions. We’ll keep your crew satisfied! We hope to hear from you soon.

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America Wants a Snack Vending Machine — Is Your Office Meeting San Antonio Break Room Needs?

Snacking has become a big part of American culture. Many people enjoy snacks multiple times a day and even replace whole meals with them. That’s why it’s important for offices to offer a variety of snack options in their break rooms. In San Antonio, meeting the demands of the break room is really important to make employees happy and productive. One good way to do that? Put a snack vending machine in the office break room!

A Snack Vending Machine: Convenient and Different Choices

San Antonio snack vending machines are a convenient and easy way to meet employees’ snack preferences. These modern machines have touchless technology, so employees can pay with their phones or without touching the machine. This helps keep things clean, especially after the pandemic. Plus, there are lots of different snacks to choose from, including favorites and healthier options. That way, employees can pick what they like and what’s good for them.

To make our vending machines even better, you can offer subsidized options. That means the company pays part of the cost for the snacks. So, employees can get snacks for a lower price and not have to worry about spending too much money at work. This subsidized option can also include food and beverage vending machines. So, there are lots of choices to keep employees energized and refreshed during the day.

San Antonio Micro-Market | Employee Benefits | Snack Vending Machines

Micro-Markets: Fun and Customizable Snack Experience

Along with snack vending machines, micro-markets are becoming popular in San Antonio break rooms. Micro-markets have a self-service kiosk and an open layout, which makes snacking more fun and interactive for employees. There are lots of different snacks to choose from, including healthier options. That means employees have more control over what they eat and can make choices that fit their taste and diet goals. By including a micro-market in the office, you can create a vibrant and enticing break room environment that caters to every employee.

Subsidized Micro-Markets: Encouraging Healthy Snacking

Many companies want their employees to make healthier snack choices. After all, employees who feel good do good work! San Antonio businesses can go a step further by offering subsidized micro-markets. That means you help cover the cost of healthier snacks and drinks. For example, you can stock the micro-market with water that’s infused with prebiotics instead of sugary drinks. This small change can make a big difference! It makes healthier options more affordable and accessible for employees. It also helps create a positive snacking culture at work and improve employee wellness.

Upgrade Your San Antonio Break Room with a L.C. Vending Snack Vending Machine or Micro-Market!

Snack vending machines and micro-markets help your company meet consumer demands. In other words, your employees’ demands! Therefore, in today’s fast-paced work world, it’s a must for San Antonio businesses to think about what staff want. And that includes a mix of snacks in the break room! Snack vending machines and micro-markets are great options that can make employees happier and more productive. By providing these choices, you can meet your team’s needs and help create a positive and healthy workplace.

So, what are you waiting for? To learn more, call L.C. Vending Co. today at (210) 532.3151. We’ll help you create the best San Antonio snack vending experience!

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Modern San Antonio Vending Machines – Elevate Your Space Today!

Vending machines are a reliable way to get a quick bite to eat when hunger strikes. Or, an easy way to find a refreshing drink when your mouth feels dry. That’s why it’s important for businesses to partner with a San Antonio refreshment service provider who can properly equip their space. For example, if your team knows their favorite products are right down the hall, they won’t have to worry about taking the time to run to the store. So, how do you know what machines you need to make this happen? We know, so you don’t have to!

Now, vending machines are often found in a company break room; However, there are several places in San Antonio where they are beneficial. No, really! Keep reading below to find out where!

1. Save Time with Vending Machines in your Lobby

Running late to a meeting but have no time to stop for a drink on the way? Don’t worry! You can often find our beverage vending machines in the lobby of many San Antonio businesses. That way, you can grab something to quench your thirst when you arrive. Plus, our mobile payment options make for an even faster check out. No cash? No problem!

Vending San Antonio, Break Room Solutions, Snacks

2. Hotel Vending Machines Elevate your Guest’s Experience

Picture this, you’re on a business trip, and after settling in for the night, you start craving something sweet. Well, you can rest easy because you spotted the hotel’s snack vending machine next to the elevator on the way to your room. Even better, they have your favorite candy bar in stock! So, instead of dreaming about it, you’ll be sound asleep after enjoying a late night treat!

3. Quality Vending Machines Every Waiting Room Deserves

We often find ourselves in a waiting room for a variety of reasons. And sometimes we get hungry unexpectedly, whether it’s at the doctors office, the airport, or even at a car dealership. That’s why we encourage our customers to equip their space with our modern vending equipment. So, no matter how long you’re clients are waiting, they’ll be able to find something to eat onsite!

Food Vending, Health and Wellness, School Vending San Antonio

Even better, we are the only San Antonio vending provider with an in-house kitchen. Meaning, every item found in your San Antonio food vending machine is freshly made. Talk about a premium experience!

4. Grab-and-Go Options for Schools & Universities

Last, but definitely not least. Having refreshments available at San Antonio schools and colleges is very common. They are typically found in the teachers lounge, gymnasiums, and around campus. Having a place for students and staff to quickly quench their thirst makes everyone’s lives easier! Plus, our San Antonio healthy vending solutions are a great way to support any wellness programs your school may have!

Enhance your Space with our Modern Vending Solutions

In addition to San Antonio break rooms, our vending services are useful in many places. So, are you ready to invest in your client’s experience by supplying quality vending options in your business? If so, we can help! Visit us at L.C. Vending Co. or call 210-532-3151 today to get started!

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4 Tips to Elevate Your San Antonio Coffee and Tea Service!

An office coffee and tea service is a must-have in every break room. Flavorful and aromatic, tea calms the body and quiets the mind. In fact, employees that sip on tea feel relaxed, soothed, and satisfied!

Do you want to bring all of the benefits of a tea service to your San Antonio break room? Consider hosting a weekly teatime for your team! For example, you can organize a “tea and talk” session every Friday during lunch. This can help promote employee engagement and strengthen your workplace culture. Moreover, it will give your staff a chance to recharge.

Before you pull out the cups and kettle, here are five tips to consider to make the most of your San Antonio coffee and tea service.

1. Eat Before You Drink

San Antonio Workplace Culture | Break Room Service | Specialty TeaEnsure everyone’s belly is full of food before drinking tea. Equally important, make sure your team loads up on tasty treats from your San Antonio snack vending machine first! Drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause tummy troubles. Not to mention, a tempting cookie or coffee cake pairs perfectly with a warm cup of tea.

2. Let It Cool

Be sure to let the tea cool for a bit before sipping it. Any scolding hot drink can irritate your mouth. Equally important, tea is most enjoyable when it’s lukewarm. Everyone at your tea party can enjoy chatting while their tea cools. Furthermore, they can grab their favorite snack from your San Antonio micro-market to enjoy when it’s ready to drink. This way, everyone can enjoy their tea with a tempting treat!

3. Know What Tea Works Best for You

Did you know that different types of teas are best enjoyed at specific times of the day? That’s right! For instance, English blends are the perfect way to start your day. In contrast, mellow green teas make a wonderful afternoon delight.

Depending upon what time your tea party is, stock up on different tea selections. This way, your entire team can benefit!

4. Include Filtered Water in Your Tea Service

To fully enjoy all the rich flavors and aromas of your tea, make sure you make it with filtered water. If you have a San Antonio water filtration service in your break room, this is super simple to do! In fact, all you have to do is fill your cup up and add your favorite tea bag!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Tea Service in Your San Antonio Break Room

Ready to add some new San Antonio refreshment options to your break room? We can help! Our team has been providing fantastic break room solutions to our clients for years. Best of all, we can help you find services that fit your exact needs! To learn more, call us today at 210-532-3151 or visit L.C. Vending Co.


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Elevate your San Antonio Break Room with Quality Refreshment Services

Visiting your San Antonio break room to find all of our favorite products in stock, is the best feeling! A premium refreshment service offers several benefits. For instance, it eliminates the stress of having to leave the office in a time crunch for something to eat. Another benefit is, it gives your employees the opportunity to relax and connect with their coworkers. Sounds like a win-win to us! So, it might be time to look into an upgrade. Lucky for you, we have exactly what you need!

Did you know, we offer a variety of San Antonio refreshment services that can help elevate your break room? Yep, that’s right! If you’re interested in learning more, we’re breaking them down below.

Free Office Coffee Service = Happy Employees

San Antonio Coffee And Tea Service | Brew Coffee | Employee Perks

A San Antonio office coffee service can transform your break room. How so? By giving your employees a place to recharge with a delicious cup of coffee throughout the workday. Some days, the commute to work can be a little hectic. But by offering free coffee and tea at the office, you’re employees know they can still get their caffeine fix once they get to work. What’s more, it creates a space for your employees to sip, chat, and build connections. Therefore, your workplace culture and employee satisfaction rates will naturally increase.

Unsure of what type of coffee brewer you need? No problem! We offer a wide range of brewing solutions. From traditional office coffee brewers, single cup coffee services, and bean-to-cup brewers, we will find your perfect match. As a full-service provider, we can be your break room’s one-stop-shop for everything you need. We pride ourselves in fueling San Antonio businesses with our premium coffee and tea services!

Modern Vending Machines = A Break Room Heaven

Our state-of-the-art vending equipment will completely change your break room experience. Our San Antonio vending machines are equipped with mobile payment options and LED lighting. Additionally, our smart inventory technology allows us to track product sales. Therefore, we make sure the products your employees want to see are always available in their vending machines. So, elevate your workplace culture by partnering with us for your vending service solutions. We promise, you won’t regret it!

A Micro-Market = Ultimate Convenience

Revamp your break room with our San Antonio micro-market service! We aren’t kidding, when we say this is the ultimate employee perk. They’re often compared to a mini convenience store located right in your break room, equipped with glass-front coolers, open shelving, and an advanced self-checkout kiosk. What’s more, they make taking a break even easier! Not only does this service reduce the need to go off campus, but it’s stocked full with everything you need for a delicious and filling meal.

Ready For A Better San Antonio Break Room Experience?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Allow us to transform your San Antonio office with our premium refreshment service solutions! Visit L.C. Vending Co. or call 210-532-3151 to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

5 Perks Our San Antonio Micro-Markets Bring to the Table

When it comes to break room solutions, micro-markets have quickly become people’s favorite. Filled with healthy options and grab and go snacks, these open markets bring your employees the best in San Antonio break rooms solutions.

Like having a corner store in the break room, a micro-market provides everything your employees need for lunch. From prepared meals to tasty treats, they operate on an honor system without the need for a physical cashier.
So, what can a San Antonio micro-market bring when you add it to your break room solutions? In this case, a whole lot.

1. Customize Your Space 

With our self-serve kiosks, we can customize all components to make them utilize the space available. It doesn’t matter how big or small your San Antonio break room is. Our team can build a layout that will fit your space. Then, we will fill it up with your favorite snack and drink options!

2. Open 24/7 for All Day Snacking

When you opt for a micro-market in your office, it’s available all day, every day, regardless of the shift. Someone working late? Have to come in early? No worries. These San Antonio self-serve kiosks have healthy options to suit everyone’s needs, whether it’s a light breakfast or a hearty dinner.

3. Multiple Checkout Solutions

Another added perk of our micro-markets is the variety of checkout options. Through the innovative kiosks, employees can use cash, cards, prepaid cards, or even a mobile apps to complete their purchases. These options offer a touchless solution and reduce the cash flow requirements of traditional break room solutions. So, upgrade your services with our San Antonio state-of-the-art refreshment technology!

4. Product Variety 

Open markets offer a wide variety of products that customers find appealing. What’s more, from fresh foods to the newest treats, we keep our micro-markets stalked in foods your employees want to eat! Reach out to see how you can transition from traditional San Antonio vending machines to a micro-market today!

5. Remote Monitoring

Due to our remote inventory management system, we track sales as they happen. Therefore, we can replenish the stock in your San Antonio micro-market quickly and effectively. Also, this process ensures the inventory stays fresh and that your employees’ favorites get restocked quickly.

Ready to Have the Benefits of a San Antonio Micro-Markets?

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your San Antonio break room, do it with L.C. Vending Co. Our specialists help you determine what micro-market design will best meet your employees’ needs. Call us at 210-532-3151 today to learn more!