5 Ways A Micro-Market Can Build Collaboration in Your San Antonio Break Room

Micro-markets can boost your San Antonio employees’ collaboration. How? A micro-market is an open market layout with food, drinks, and snacks. That way refreshments are within easy reach of your employees. Plus, your San Antonio micro-market can be custom made for your business and break room needs. Foster employee morale, build company culture, and promote health and wellbeing with L.C. Vending Co. micro-market break room solutions.

Employee Collaboration Starts in Your San Antonio Break Room

Here are five ways a micro-market can retain staff and create a better company culture! Read on for the many benefits beyond food and drinks.

1: Create A Gathering Space

A gathering space with a micro-market break room boosts collaboration. Casual seating brings people together beyond their work stations. Fresh, healthy food made in our in-house commissary paves the way for talking over for casual meals. You can add snacks or delicious coffee as well. Offering a well-stocked micro-market is a huge employee benefit. It’s one your San Antonio staff will be happy to use, again and again.

2: Healthy Foods Equals Better Health

When you offer our personalized menu planning, you’re telling employees you care. Fresh fruits, salads, sandwiches, and snacks drive up their health and wellbeing.  And healthy food and drink keeps your staff nourished, so they can do their jobs in top form. You choose the items and we’ll set it up. Keep employees healthy physically and mentally. Plus, we’ll monitor items moving quickly, so you’ll never run out of employee favorites.

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3: A Micro-Market Provide Fresh and Locally Made Food

At L.C. Vending Co., we’re your one-stop source. We stock your micro-market with only fresh ingredients, meals, and snacks. That means your food and snacks are prepared, packed and brought directly to your micro-market by us. If you’re not sure about starting a micro-market yet, no worries. We offer food vending with our locally crafted food too. Think of our vending services as a way to taste-test our fresh food and services.

4: Boost Your San Antonio Company Culture

Happy employees are well-fed employees. And happiness is the right kind of contagious! With micro-market services and refreshments onsite, you’re offering staff a way to eat well without losing break time. They don’t need to travel for lunch, snacks, or beverages. By offering your San Antonio employees a place to gather, you’re building friendship and good cheer. When employees get to know and understand one another, they’ll function better in groups and as a team. Everyone benefits when employees work well together.

5: A Micro-Market Helps Retain Employees You Already Love

What is one of the top reasons employees stay with their current companies? A strong sense of belonging and community, according to a report by Gusto. Consider offering a micro-market food and beverage benefit to retain employees. Keep employees you’ve trained, value, and who bring strong skills to the table. It is well worth the cost of adding fresh food through a San Antonio micro-market.

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