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3 Benefits of Cashless Payments in Your San Antonio Break Room

The vending industry has evolved over the past year. COVID-19 has made cashless payments a popular option to stay safe from unwanted germs. Many refreshment solutions have transitioned to touchless payment options to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The awareness of staying safe and keeping good hygiene has grown. That’s right, that makes right now the perfect time to consider adding cashless payments to your break room. Plenty of benefits exist for going cashless. These include: increased convenience, easier refunds when they’re needed, and security. Yet, perhaps the most pressing reasons to go cashless involve reducing the risk of COVID-19 in your San Antonio break room.

Cashless Payments Equal A Safe Break Room

The benefit of cashless San Antonio break rooms revolves around keeping employees safe. Modern vending machines are equipped to accept mobile payments like Apple and Google pay. Even more, when employees pay through mobile payment apps they reduce their chances of getting sick.

Risk reduction occurs because it allows employees to socially distance themselves, eliminating lines and crowds that form around the checkout. Therefore, a San Antonio micro-market allows for mobile payment options to decrease unnecessary contact with high-touch surfaces.

Employees Find Cashless Payments More Convenient

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Employees find a San Antonio cashless break room convenient. With mobile payments, employees only need to touch those items they intend to buy. What’s more, fewer people carry cash in today’s world. By going cashless, employees no longer need to visit the ATM for money to purchase lunch from the kiosk. Additionally, cashless payments and modern vending machines provide high payment security, reducing the risk of identity or credit card theft.

Modern San Antonio Vending Machines Eliminate Loose Change

Another benefit is that cashless break rooms get rid of the need to exchange loose change. It also stops the necessity of passing dollar bills and coins back and forth between employees and cashiers. Without this movement of cash, you protect your employees from coronavirus and other germs. Above all, offering modern San Antonio vending machines in your break room is a major employee benefit!

Ready to Take Your Break Room Cashless?

Is your San Antonio business ready for a cashless break room? If so, contact L.C. Vending Co. today to talk to a break room specialist! They can help you determine your company’s best options, including micro-markets, vending machines, and many more options. Call 210-532-3151 today and find out what cashless vending can do for your company!