Why You Should Choose a San Antonio Vending Company with an In-house Kitchen

Free, fresh food? Yes, please. You’ll immediately stand out from other businesses by offering healthy choices and fresh food. Choose a San Antonio break room solutions provider able to meet – and exceed – your needs. It’s the easiest way to make sure your employees have access to fresh, nutritious meals in your company’s break room, any time.

And for millennials – by wider margins than other age groups – fresh food is high on the list of their priorities, the study found. Providing lunch to all employees on the job and in the building is another serious perk employees value, according to a Zerocater report. Healthier employees take less sick time, and well-fed employees are more productive, and tend to stay with you longer.

Fresh Food: The Key to Happy Employees

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According to a USA Today report, the key to work happiness is providing free food and snacks to your employees. “While the majority, 56%, of full-time employees are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ happy with their current job, that number jumps to 67%” when free food is on offer. What’s more, only 16% of those surveyed said they get free snacks and treats at work. From customizing your offerings to creating your own San Antonio break room experience, a micro-market is the answer. With a micro-market, you can offer discounted or free items, and you get to pick. Boost retention and employee morale with free meals. Increase your employee happiness as much as 30%, according to ZeroCater.com, with free meals and snacks with customized micro-market benefits. Don’t forget to offer great coffee.

Attract Top San Antonio Talent

If the way to super-performing employees – from attracting to keeping them – is through first-class food, we’ve got you covered. Adding fresh food to your break room is an attractive benefit. Plus, our in-house kitchen guarantees the freshest food possible. As only 16% of company employees receive free food, you can become a leader in recruiting top talent. Save your employees time throughout the day by offering food, beverages and snacks. Create a break room hub, only steps away from their office or open work space.

Your San Antonio Micro-Market Solution: L.C. Vending’s Fresh Food

We’re experts in break room service and we understand how to run a quality micro-market for your company. We’ll make sure your break room is stocked daily. Plus, we’ll monitor your sales so it’s always full – never empty. With 70 years of business experience, we’ll help craft fresh food in-house. It’s not just food; it’s our reputation! We’ll guarantee your San Antonio break room solutions are always fresh with the best selection. For more information, we’re L.C. Vending, please give us a call at (210) 532.3151.